PAX-Monkey Wrench, Blue Cross, Aflac, Holiday Mansion, Rooney, Madoff & YHC Ron Burgundy

YHC arrived early to Rotary Park because that is what you do when you are on the Q. I gazed across the soccer field to see the shovel flag already planted and the men of Anchor B ready to roll. T-claps for you gents. I only had to wait a few minutes before I saw headlights heading my way and I knew I wouldn’t be alone. No, just reefdonkey passing through but another was right behind…nope another Anchor B. YHC began to think if he had offended everyone in the PAX? That is a possibility! Finally headlights in my direction, Monkey Wrench is the first to show and when you have A Monkey Wrench in your life you know you will never be alone. The rest of the PAX began to file in. 6 brave souls to face the gloom after a fun and festive Labor Day holiday. YHC realized these veterans of F3 have the timing down so they can get the maximum sleep time available to them.

Mosey to the tree of life
SSH x 20
Sun Gods x 10 F&R
Monkey Humpers x 10
Mosey toward BBall courts and stop just beyond the flag
Cotton Pickers x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Abe Vogoda x 10


BTTW Bear Crawl – PAX in the balls up position. The man on the far right would bear crawl to the left and resume the postion, the next man would follow, 2 rounds. Mumble chatter from the PAX about what to do if the numbers were bigger YHC’s answer divide into groups or do one round

Run to Puck O’Neil Field for BTTW with each man doing two hand stand push ups

Run to BBall courts for Forest to the Sea. Bear Crawl halfway, 5 burpees, crab walk the rest, work your way to one burpee.

Soccer field run at 80% and then YHC introduced PAX to Over and Under. First PAX member got into the leap frog position, the next would leap frog over, and stand tall with legs spread, next PAX leap,gounder legs and get into leap frog….You get it now over, under, over etc… went halfway across the soccer field each man going 3 times I think. YHC wasn’t sure this was a great exercise but watching the beefy Blue Cross and Rooney get through some legs was interesting. Disclaimer…No low hanging fruit was injured during this exercise.

Back to the fence for another round of BTTW Bear Crawls, just one time around and head to the parking lot by the BBall courts

Backwards run to the first tree and rinse and repeat

Walk the Line-Start on the edge of a parking line do 5 merkins and hand walk left, 5 more merkins until you reach the end and do 10 squats coming coming back 2 rounds. I believe this is when Holiday Mansion started reminding everyone we have a lot of time left because Burgundy put 6;30 end time in his pre-blast.

Run back to the shovel flag and do some Lt Dan’s along the way

MARY with the PAX

Hand Release Merkins x 20 led by Holiday

American Hammer x 20 Ronnie B

Plank while lifting each arm and leg led by Monkey Wrench. Rooney had to make sure Monkey Wrench was awake during the exercise. They seemed to be some long holds

LBC’s x 20 Madoff

Crab Cakes x 15 led by Aflac

WW1’s X 15 led by Rooney

Protractor led by Blue Cross who took us out to 6:15

Workouts Tomorrow Bells, HIN, Prometheus Ruck and others?

Monkey Wrench took us in prayer for the victims of Harvey and those in harms way of Irma. He also reminded us that people will come together to help one another, no matter race, religion or other things that seem to divide us and that we should all have faith in humanity. Aye

It is always a little unnerving to Q a workout. You have so many thoughts in your head. Can you give the men what they require? What if I mess up? and many others. You shouldn’t worry. The PAX is always there to pick you up, even if it is a back handed compliment. YHC knows they mean well.

Ron Burgundy

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