• When: 12/11/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench, Ron Burgandy, Wolverine, Holiday Mansion, Aflac, Reef Donkey, Birdman
  • AO: Back Blasts, Queen Ann's Revenge

Another windy, cold, wet morning awaited 7 tough guys this morning.  It was a pleasure to have Reef this morning after he was the only Baller who showed up on top of the hill.  He made us all feel bad when he rolls out of the truck in shorts and we are all complaining about the cold.  I knew once we got moving it would be warm, but those few minutes waiting to start can be tough.  After Aflac’s friends questions on A or B shoes, I figured I better swing by on the way home and make sure we have some dry pavement.  Well kind of.

After a slow disclaimer waiting on Birdman to join the circle, we moseyed to the basketball court for warmarama.  In my scouting of the AO, I failed to look at one spot where there was a little water, sorry guys for the wet feet.  The chatter was good during warmarama so I knew this was going to be an engaging morning which is always fun.

Side Stradle Hops

Cotton Pickers


Sun Gods


The plan was to do a lot of stations and exercises to keep things moving.  Evidently during all the chaos, I mis-called the cadence a few times and the start/stop line but we pushed  through it and all survived.  Thanks Reef for keeping me straight.  I had written it all down on my winkie at 11:30 the night before so it was all still a little foggy.

Here we go on the Basketball court:

Standard Suicides

Backwards Suicides

Side to Side suicides

7’s 1 Merkin and 6 plank jacks at each base line

Bear Crawl to Mid Court, Crawl Bear back

Lunge to the far base line and back

To the Parking lot

Merkin parking space lines: start at the beginning of the painted line, sprint to curb, side step to next line, back pedal to the end of line, perform a merkin, and repeat down to the first tree.

Next ea pax goes to a curb to do toe taps x 5, x10, x20 and then a round of merkins single count 5, 10, 20

Last exercise in parking lot, we partnered up for a mini dora of 100 side straddle hops, 150 merkins, and 200 plank jacks.

For the last round, we headed to the shelter for my favorite round of: Dips, Erkins, Derkins, step ups x10, x15, x20 with a small mosey around the median between each one.

As we headed to Mary I heard you aren’t going to get us on the ground now are you.  No, we did some stretching to finish out the time.

Announcements: Reef has the bells tomorrow and it sounds like he will have some fun coupons for all to use.  Xmas party and pre-ruck this sat.  Hate I am going to miss the second F and what Second Mile and Hillary may be wearing.

Prayer Request: Lassies brother

HIN took the PAX out in a ball of man.  I’ve been traveling alot lately so it’s tough to get back in the groove but it’s always a pleasure to lead and see guys beat the fart sack monster on a morning where it would be easy to stay in bed.

Till next time




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