• When: 12/03/19
  • Workout Style: QAR
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Big Mic, Pocahontas, Lemonjello, Plunger, Suitcase, Wolverine, Monkey Wrench, Peroni, Rameses, Bayliner
  • AO: Back Blasts

It was a great morning to be at the QAR.  The weather was cool, the conditions were great, and a great group of men showed up ready to work.  We stated the disclamer, and moseyed towards the Basketball Court for Warmarama.

SSH x20, CP x10, Windmills x10, Sun gods x10, Rev sun gods x10, Lt over Rt, Rt over Lt, upward dog to stretch calves

We then moseyed back to the grass island where we originally met and Lt Dan across to the other side.  Once we arrived at the Flag, we then ran to the top of the hill by the baseball stadium and did 5 Burpees and 10 WW1’s.  We then ran back to the Flag, and once we arrived, we Lt Dan to the other side of the island, where we then ran back to the basketball court for 5 merkins and 10 LBC’s.  We continued this patter of running bacl and forth with Lt Dan in the middle and increased the number of exercises at each stop.

We ran all the way up to time.  In total we did @ 2.7 miles and a bunch of Lt Dan, Merkins, Burpees, WW1’s and LBC’s.  Big Mic was kind enough to take us out with a great prayer.

Announcements- Christmas party Sat pm, Kraken Saturday am, West Cart plays at Croatan tonight basketball, and there will be workouts tomorrow morning.

Prayer requests-  Madoff’s Mom, Nippleshot, Lassie’s brother, Steamer’s sister

It was great to lead today and thank you Monkey for the invite.  As always, it is the motivation from others that keeps us all going.  Some of that motivation is verbal, some is physical, and a lot of the time it is natural motivation from the actions of others who are not even aware they are motivating others-  Regardless of why, it is awesome to see so many guys out this morning working hard and getting better.  Great Job to all- Bayliner

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