• When: 08/28/18
  • Workout Style: QAR
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Doogie, Frosted Flake, Plunger, Castanza, Puddles, Suitcase, Ron Burgandy, Monkey Wrench, Mimi, Biscuit, Aflac, Bayliner
  • AO: Queen Ann's Revenge

It was another hot and humid morning for a strong group of men to show up for the QAR.  There is a lot of excitement in the air in Carterico with school back in session, the BRR is a week away for all those men that have been training so hard all summer, we have out last Summer weekend 4 days away, and finally college football begins in 2 days.  It is a great time of year, and it was awesome to have the 12 men that came ready to work today and to get better.

We moseyed to the basketball court for our warmarama- SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Rev Sun Gods, Lt over Rt, Rt over Lt, Down Dog stretches

We then took off for the top of the hill neat the Marlin Stadium for our main event.  We partnered up and Partner A ran to the tree of life circle and back, while Partner B did 25 merkins and then LBC’s until their partner returned.  Then Partner B ran and partner A did the exercises.  We did the same rotation with the following exercises and counts.

Merkins 25, Merkins 30

Wojo Squats 25, Wojo Squats 30

Carolina Dry Docks 25, Carolina Dry Docks 29

Copperhead Squats 25, Copperhead Squats 28

We then moseyed to the soccer field for a round of 7’s.  Run to sign for 6 monkey humpers and back peddle to line for 1 WW1.  We continued this routine until we completed the countdown to 1 monkey humper and 6 WW1’s.  We then took off to the Benches for 1 round of 15 of Dips, Derkins, and Earkins.  Ronny B then led the PAX in Mary for 1 round of American Hammers-

Prayer Requests:  Lassie’s Brother, All the kids and teachers back in school this week

Puddles did a great job leading us all in prayer to close- Thanks Puddles!  It was a great morning with a great group of guys.  I appreciate everyone that came out and all of the effort that was given this morning.  It was hot and humid, but that did not slow anyone down- great job!- Bayliner

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