• When: 01/16/18
  • Workout Style: QAR
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Lassie, Misty, Steamer, Ron Burgandy, Bayliner
  • AO: Queen Ann's Revenge

It was a awesome morning to be at the QAR with a great group of Men.  Misty ran over from Home, while the others arrived in their warm trucks. It was cool, but dry, so we went ahead and got started.

We moseyed around the trail until we met the Cross Fitters head on, so we took a hard left and did our Warmarama at the “No Trespassing” sign that had been perfectly placed on the soccer field.

SSH x15, Windmills x12, Cotton Pickers x12, Sun Gods x10, Reverse Sun Gods x10, L over R x10, R over L x10

We then ran to the top of the hill and began the main event.  We partnered up and partner A ran a lap to the circle tree of life, while partner B performed the Excercise.  We continued this rotation until the exercise total was met by each team, and then started the next excercise.  The rotation was:

Merkins x300

WW1’s x250

Carolina Dry Docks x200

Squats x200

We then ran a lap as a group.  Headed back over to the outfield wall for a 50 count of Peoples Chair. Back to the Stop sign for Plank Jacks x50 as a group.

We ran another lap as a group.  Back to the outfield wall for a 50 count of Peoples Chair.  Back to the Stop Sign for LBC’s x 50 as a group, and a final run to the Flag for a Hard Stop.

I want to thank the guys that came out today.  It was great to have Lassie, Steamer, Misty, and Ronnie B to work out with.  Everyone did a great job with tremendous effort and pushed each other to finish strong.  Our announcements consisted of a discussion of all the upcoming workouts this week.  Both Steamer and Misty are Q’ing later this week as the hard work and strong effort continue.  Prayer requests for Gremlin’s family and friends and his local F3 group.  We also had some non-spoken prayer requests.  Steamer was awesome to take us out in a great Prayer to close out the morning.  Thanks again fellas for coming out- Bayliner


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