A large glowing moon met YHC at the arrival of the Knarr. which could only mean one thing. The PAX will see me cheating, ummm modifying, during the workout. A quick check of the landscape and the PAX started rolling in. Not really sure what the numbers would be after many of the dads were treated like royalty and fed like a fatted calf for slaughter. Princess rolled in, followed by Tanya actually wearing shoes, Denver and Newman rounded out the PAX. Newman slid in just under the wire to hear the 3 F’s, a flawless mission statement and disclaimer telling the PAX to help me to my car. A moment of silence was given to Warchild for losing his battle with idiction.


Mosey to the first soccer field and circle up for SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Cotton Pickers x 10. Mosey around the field and circle up for Abe Vigodas x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10 and some basic stretching.


We would head to the football field for a round of 7’s with burpees and WW1’s. Plank for the six after you hit the four burpee mark and then continue on to try and keep the young studs in check. Mosey to the parking lot where the buses use to park for some Apple Turnover. Across the parking lot to the end of the lines. Mosey around the parking lot and rinse and repeat going the other way. Next to the picnic tables  for Earkins x 15, Step Ups leading with right and then left x 15, Earkins x 15 and Prisoner Squats x 15. Mosey to the front of the school to make sure you capture the big sexy on camera Pickle Pounders x 15 IC, Boss Tweeds x 15 IC and Monkey Humpers x 15 IC, 3 Rounds. Mosey back tot he picnic tables for Earkins, Step Ups, Earkins, Prisoner Squats x 15. Mosey to the football field for some 40 ounce.10 merkins, run across the the football field at 80% do 10 merkins, run back 10 merkins, run back 10 merkins. Mosey to the Flag


PAX choice Low Slow Flutter x 20 IC Princess, Superman x 20 IC Tanya, X’s and O’s Denver, WW1’s x 20 Newman….Hard Stop



Workouts tomorrow with lots of choices and quality Q’s.

Talked about addictions and they can be more than drugs and alcohol…money, porn, work, things that can separate you from God. Tanya reminded us to be rooted in our faith. Our roots should run deep so we are solid and can stand up to to the temptations of life. Prayers for fellow brothers, Gilligan, Laettner, John Jenkins, lots of moms. YHC took us out.

I am always inspired and encouraged when I Q. Today was a bit intimidating with nothing but young bucks  at my side. Qing is one of those things that we all should take part in and be happy doing it. Thank you men for showing up in the heat and leaving drenched shirts in our wake


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