Prometheus Ruck
When: 09/13/17
QIC: Griswold
Where: Emerald Woods Park
The PAX: Laettner, Lunchbox, plebe, ladybug, buttoncap, Pillbox (Respect), Griswold (Q)

6 Pax stood in the foggy dark of Emerald Woods Park for a hard start at 05:15. F3 mission statement and disclaimer were given. We started a fast mosey down to the floating dock for:

Shoulder press w/ packs IC X 20,
squats w/ packs IC X 20,
Active hamstring stretch X 3 each leg (while looking up at the stars),
bench press w/ pack IC X 20.

At this point, A flashlight was walking down the dock and YHC was wondering if it was Emerald Isle police looking for us in a park that isn’t supposed open till daylight. Fortunately, it was just pillbox rolling in hot.
Mosey down the trails of Emerald Woods, clearing the way of all spiderwebs, mostly on YHC’s face. After completing a couple loops we stopped at what seems to be the biggest hill on Emerald Isle. We did 3 to 4 hill repeats up and over, with 10 push-ups w/ packs on each side.
We continue to mosey on some new trails and on the entrance road, stopping at each speed bump to do 10 Merkins and 10 Durkin’s.
One last mosey to the picnic shelter for step ups w/ pack X 20. Lastly, a fast mosey back to the flag for a hard stop at 06:15. COT: Namarama and Announcements were made of the next 2 days workouts, and a reminder of the Cape fear BrOlympics. YHC took us out in prayer in a BOM.

About 3.4 miles were hiked this morning, and not one ankle sprain going over the roots and stairs in the dark. Ladybug got about 2 feet away from a giant writing spider, which probably made his heart race more than the workout itself. It was great to see him out on his second F3 post. Thanks buttoncap for letting the Q today. I sincerely enjoyed it, and I was glad to show the Pax that there are some hills that can get your legs tired in Carteret County.
The stars, and all of His creation, were truly beautiful once you get away from the man-made lights on the dock.


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