• When: 2/18/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Dash8 (respect), Ron Burgundy (respect), Blart (respect), Holiday Mansion, Leprechaun, Cooter, Buckeye, Ricardo, Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Back Blasts

Today’s theme was President’s and Partners.  YHC just finished reading “Freed to Lead” thanks to Purplerain giving it away, purchasing and passing out copies to the Western Pax.  YHC was struck by how many truth nuggets he found applicable to his own situation.  As YHC contemplated the plan and theme for today it dawned on me that our glorious leaders past and present all reach a point in their lives when they look around to see who is in charge and realize it is their turn to be responsible for their family, job, community, government, etc., etc.  And so today we are thankful that Washington and Lincoln were able to rise to that challenge even without F3.  Lucky for all of us PAX, as we reach that same point, that we have the blessing of this wonderful organization to help us shoulder the burden and bear the weight of leadership.

After fist bumps, countdown, and a flawless mission statement we reached hard start time and moseyed off for WARMARAMA.  We circled the parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, carioca, and toy soldiers while stopping at each corner for exercises including: Imperial Squat Twists SC X 15, Seal Jacks IC X 15, SSH IC X 15, Cotton Pickers IC X10. Sufficiently warm and wet we moseyed to the corner of McQueen and East Chatham for…

THANG 1:   As YHC mentioned at the outset, we had two themes today – President’s and Partners. So the Pax were instructed to partner up with someone their size for a partner body weight rack and stack.  We moseyed around the horn all the way to the corner of Big Rock Weigh and East Chatham and back, stopping at intersections to pack and unpack the following exercises.  Switch, rinse, repeat so both Pax get a chance to complete each circuit at every stop.  Stop 1: P1 starts in a plank position. P2 grabs P1’s ankles and does 5 overhead shoulder presses.    Stop 2: 5 overhead presses, drop P2’s ankles to shoulder height and complete 10 squats.  Stop 3: 5 overhead presses, 10 squats, drop P2’s ankles to waist height and completed 15 curls.  Stop 4: 5 overhead presses, 10 squats, 15 curls, P2 to chillicut plank position and P1 completes 20 LBC’s with feet on P2’s back.  We unpacked on the way back to the parking lot.  Along the way one of the Pax mumbled something about the deadweight portion in plank position being even harder than completing the exercises and YHC knew that his evil plan had come together well….

THANG 2: Once back at the parking lot the Pax lined up and completed a merkin ladder.  Bear crawl forward and at each parking place line add a merkin. First stop 1 merkin, second stop 2 merkins, etc. to the end.  Total 55 merkins.  Next up complete the length of the parking lot with Imperial Squat walkers.  Then on to the parking blocks for a quick round of Rocky Balboa’s complete with air punches IC x 10.  Then over to the picnic tables for YHC’s favorite Ron Burgundy original, the table top merkin.  Over and back counted as 1 and we completed 10 total.

The Q was gassed at this point and opted to start MARY a little early with about 9 minutes to go. We moseyed to the porch of the main building to stay out of the rain and find some dry ground.  YHC started us off with 10 X-files IC and then called for dealer’s choice around the horn. Dash8 – box cutters then LSF’s, Leprechaun – LBCs, Ron Burgundy – something that hurt, Ricardo Dying cockroach, Holiday – Squid Style American Hammers, Cooter, Freddy Mercs, Blart – something that sucked, Buckeye – Boss Tweeds with a Monkey Wrench twist.

Countorama, announcements, praise (RB’s 2.0 traveling home for a visit), prayer requests (Laettner’s M) and then YHC took us out in prayer.  Yes, YHC realizes that he made a rookie mistake and forgot name-o-rama.  Someday I’ll get this Q thing right, or not.

YHC is so thankful for the opportunity to learn about and practice leadership with the support of the Pax.  Like so many others YHC didn’t know what the Problem was until I found the solution to the Problem in F3.  Thank you for the keys Ricardo. My Knarr VQ wasn’t perfect, but it was great being out there in the gloom with you guys.


Navy, Out.

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