• When: 08/31/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Pedro
  • PAX: Dance Hall, Reef Donkey, Viagra, Immigrant, Gobbler, Puddles, Wilson, Spinal Tap
  • AO: Back Blasts

It was dark at 0515 as the pax began to arrive but it was even darker at 0415 when Reef and the Q arrived for a little early ops Ruck.

10 minute warning was given and as the clock wound down eight men readied to step off when with a minute to spare up screamed Spinal Tap. Someone said it might be Devlin McGregor as he had issued his standard HC but he also delivered his sometime standard no show. The Mission Statement was issued flawlessly and the disclaimer not quite flawlessly and the crowd headed downtown. A steady pace was set and occasionally the pax executed a moving circle to reclaim the six. The group stopped at Shevans Park, grounded their packs and did: side straddle hops, mountain climbers, squats, Lt Dans, sideways run and Mericans. Then down Evans Turn at 9th and return on Shepard St. Prayer requests were  collected and Spinal Tap rendered one of his usual, awesome prayers. Sometimes I think he missed his calling.

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