• When: 01/19/2018
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Holiday mansion, Pasquale, Kiwi, monkey wrench (respect), Blart (respect), jigawatt, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark

Some of the Pax were there bright and early this morning. It was great to see that Jigawatt came out again today, and made the drive into “the big city”. We thought we were going to start with 6 pax, and that Pasquale hit the snooze button again. But, we saw headlights blazing in at about 30 seconds after a hard start. Of course, according to his watch he was right on time!
With no desire to stand around in the cold, a very quick mission statement and disclaimer were given, then off to the races!  Dodging the black ice, we moseyed to the first intersection in Brandywine and did a quick lap around the median.

Hillbilly X 20 IC
High knee lap around the median
Chinook X 10 each IC
Butt-kicker lap around the median
Mountain climber X 20 IC
Side shuffle lap around the median

Thang one: run the street of Brandywine’s “duplex row”, with a set of ATM at every fifth house (thanks for the idea Milton!).
ATM X 4:
Alternating shoulder taps X 10 IC
Tempo merkins X 10 IC
Merkens X10

Thang two: run back on the highway 24 sidewalk with a stop at every other power pole for ACS.
ACS X 4: (The leg equivalent of ATMs)
Alternating lunges X 10 IC
Copperhead squats X 10 IC
Squats X 10

Back at the starting point, we lined up for thang three:
10 frog jumps, 10 Mountain climbers, backpedal to the line, 10 Star jumps. Rinse and repeat X3.

Thang 4: partner up and grab a 25# or 20# dumbbell. Partner one does 15 overhead presses with the dumbbell, while partner to does 15 Merkins. Switch and repeat X 2. Then, partner one does 15 bicep curls while partner to does 15 squats. Switch, and repeat X2.

Mosey back to about halfway down the highway 24 sidewalk for Thang five (Blart’s favorite!):
30 second AMRAP toe taps up on the sidewalk. 10 pickle pounders IC.  30 seconds AMRAP single leg line jumps. 10 pickle pounders IC.  30 second AMRAP other leg single leg line jumps.  10 Pickle pounders IC.

Run back to the starting point for one more Thang: we formed 2 offset lines and passed a 10# medicine ball back and forth. With each catch the pax had to do a squat, pass to the next man, then a burpee. After 4-5 times up and down the line, we were 3 minutes to a HS.

Ab circles X 10 IC each direction
Slow J-Lo’s IC until a hard stop

COT: namarama, announcements of Hero / FOD tomorrow, and prayer requests. YHC took us out.

It was another great morning with the Pax! The group was just the right size for some second F.  I was expecting more mumblechatter about the coupons, but holiday, monkey, Kiwi, and Blart are just too nice (and then, there’s Pasquale 😆). Jigawatt is just trying to figure us out. Blart was fighting some aches and pains, but pushed through those pickle pounders anyway. It was a pleasure gentlemen. SYITG. Griswold.

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