• When: 04/5/19
  • Workout Style: BootCamp
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: Birdman, Skidmark, Princess, Radar [respect], BackUp ,TonyRomo, DumpsterDawg, CouchPotato [QIC]
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

It’s hard to follow the detailed back-blast of such a master of penmanship like RonBurgandy, so i’ll be brief. 8 PAX showed on time, but this was much more than that sounds on it’s own. In no particular order, Birdman made the long journey even though he only SC’d, Princess with his busy out of town schedule makes the effort to give it away whenever possible, endlessly encouraging all, Skidmark is setting attendance records and improving every day, never a dull moment when he’s awake, TonyRomo should be on crutches since PurpleRain broke him, but still tuffs it out and brings coupons!!! DumpsterDawg is true to his AO and a great source of mumble-chatter [solicited or not] to keep the crowds laughing through the pleasantries of the workout, Radar shows up for day 2 of new horizons, finding areas of pain he hasn’t felt in years, much respect brother. And from oldest to youngest, I have many kuddos for our very own Back-Up. I want to be around when this kid finds his career and watch him grow with his family, that’s just one really cool young man, and he doesn’t  belly ache like the rest of the PAX… Salute’ brother and TClaps to his old man for leading by example!

The Thang – We grabbed our Pet Rocks from TR’s truck, moseyed until I came up with some overhead stuff, curls, drive the car, rinse and repeat at every light x 3? Time for a break, leave your rock, mosey to the walgreens wall for infinite PeoplesChAirPress, Balls to the Walls with a plank and Merkins, WW1’s, LBC’s, rinse n repeat, back to the Pet Rocks. More WW1’s, then AirPresses with Pet Rocks to the Pavilion of Pain.

Dips, boxJumps, Erkins, Dips, Box Jumps, Erkins, mosey with Pet Rocks doing curls to next Pavillion. Dips, Carolina Dry Dock Erkins [cause thats what Birdman said I was doing] Dips, Boxjumps, Mosey with Pet Rocks overhead Press. Leave Pet Rock in truck, to the Kangaroo Court for modified 7’s.

6 Burpees one end of tennis court, 1 [set of 10] WW1’s other, 5 Burpees, 2 LBC’s [2 sets of 10], 4 Burpees, 3 [set of 10] Monkey humpers, 3 Burpees, 4 [sets of 10] etc

Mary with some stuff, ended with Supermans, announcements, Prayer Request and a great start to the day, thanks for the keys DD, Amen


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