• When: 08/01/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: RON BURGUNDY in for Pasqually
  • PAX: Ricardo, Jang-A-Lang, Deuce (Respect), Amish and Shroom
  • AO: Back Blasts

PAX gathered and was talking when Ricardo rolled up at the last minute. No Q, No site Q yes one and the same. We should have known this was coming because Pasqually didn’t put out a pre-blast until he was shamed on slack. Time let’s mosey and stay in the parking lot just in case a miracle happens.


Mosey to the corner where the entrance is and maybe Pasqually will show SSHx20, Sun Godx10 Each way and Abe Vigodasx10. Looking….waiting…disappointed by an OG. Our you sure he started this thing? Mosey to the far corner for Cotton Pickersx10, Hillbilliesx10 and left over right, right over left stretch. Head lights??? No Pasqually, Jang mentioned the possibility of bailing out one of his workers. Ricardo mentioned they all drive bikes and can’t get a DUI. Plus they have 29 inch rims. I have no idea.

The Thang made up entirely on the fly

Start next to the school facing the dump for a round of Apple Turnovers. Yes, you should always wear gloves regardless of which Q isn’t going to show up. 80% spring back to the start, 80% sprint to the end, 20 squats, 80% sprint to the start. one more round of Apple Turnover. Ricard mentioned the preblast¬† said something about elevation training. OK let’s make it happen

Mosey to the track in front of the bleachers

5 x merkins, squats, LBC’s IC and one bleacher snake

10 x merkins, squats and LBC’s 2 snakes

15 x merkins, squats and LBC’s 3 snakes

20 x merkins, squats and LBC’s 4 snakes

25 x merkins, squats and LBC’s the PAX began to revolt about a 5th snake and YHC agreed, back to the flag. Oh wait there isn’t one because the site Q dind’t show who was also the workout Q


Low Slow Flutters x 15

One round of Big Sext x 15 each

WW1’s x 15 and the protractor took us home for a hard stop.


Pray for our regular brothers..John Jenkins, Gilligan, Laettners M, Blarts M and Ricardo’s father-in-law in Onslow Memeorial

YHC took us out with a ball of man.


YHC Ron Burgundy


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