Site Q was informed yesterday that the previously scheduled Q had been double booked and we were on our own.  YHC said no problem lets hit it and thought it was definitely a sign that shoulders needed to be worked out a little.  Warnings and Disclaimer given.

We got right to it with a little mosey to the far parking lot.

  • Seal Claps x20 ic
  • Merkins x5
  • Cotton Pickers x15 ic
  • Merkins x5
  • Windmills x15 ic
  • Merkins x5 I think they were maybe starting to sense the idea of the day!

We started out with a MERKIN LADDER: 20 merkins run to other side of parking lot 19 Merkins, 18, 17 etc.  After explaining the first question was how many is this going to be. 210 baby so we went to it.  I noticed fairly quickly that Hammy was a beast and starting to lap everyone.  There were starting to be sufficient amount of groans and YHC realized he was choosing our work well. We finished and took a Mosey to the other parking lot.

We started with a PARTNER/POWER MERKIN ROUTINE. 5 each then run to end of parking lot switch positions and 5 each, run to other side back to original position 4 each run switch 4 each, 3, 2, 1.  You get the picture.  I must say that my shoulders were really feeling it now.  We were almost done with our shoulder blow out but had one more routine.  Rack and Stack: Run to lines and back pedal back with following excersises. 10 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 30 shoulder taps, 40 air presses.  That was the heaviest air I have ever lifted.  I told the guys that we needed to do 5 more merkins and that would bring our total to 300 MERKINS FOR THE DAY. Awesome guys.

We took a little mosey around the parking lot to give our shoulders a rest and keep our heart rate up.  At this point I realized that other than Griswold no one had Q’d before.  At this point we did a MINI Q SCHOOL.  Going through the process and how to count.  Allowed each man to call out and count a excercise of their choice.  Griswold tried to encourage each of the guys of how easy and fun it is to Q.

Prayers/Announcements: Hammy has a friend that was just diagnosed with cancer, Laettner on Prometheus Q and Maytag on Rolling Stone.

Griswold led us out in a great prayer and we were gone!

I want to say that you guys rocked today.  I made up this work out last night and it ended up being a little harder than I expected and you guys rocked it.  Super proud to be getting better with you guys.  I AM HURTIN RIGHT NOW!


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