• When: 01/18/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • AO: Back Blasts

A winter wonderland greeted YHC as I rolled to a different AO. The parking lot was covered with more ice than snow, so an Omaha of the original workout was done in my mind. Wilson HC’s the night before but I wasn’t expecting him. YHC eventually saw headlights glistening off the new fallen snow and Wilson had arrived. 3,2,1 was given, some small talk, what F3 stands for and maybe a disclaimer. YHC headed the PAX, yes one is still a PAX, if not what is the singular of PAX? to the store front sidewalk. We could accomplish two things here, get out of the wind and have a suitable site with no ice.


I’m not sure we ever got to the warm part but we moseyed up the store fronts and stopped for SSHx20, Sun Godsx10 each way and Abe Vigodasx15. Mosey and stop for Cotton Pickersx15, Imperial Walkersx15 and Good Mornings x 15. Mosey to the end of the building.


Mosey half way or so down the store fronts and stop for Clock Merkins x 5 each and WW1’s x 15. Mosey another stretch and stop for Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 and LBC’s x 15. Mosey another stretch up or down and do a round of “Big Sexy”. YHC had not planned of doing these but the thought of two men gyrating their pelvis on the security camera was an opportunity YHC could not pass up. We did pickle poundersx15, Boss Tweedx15, Monkey Humpersx15. Rinse and repeat for round 2 and 3. It was during the second round of Big Sexy that a lone car pulled into the parking lot and made sure to park far off, don’t blame them. A couple of local rednecks entertained us doing donuts in the parking lot during round three. I believe I over heard one of them yelling, “Hey y’all watch this”.

YHC told Wilson that he wasn’t sure why but a thought appeared in his head after round three. We moseyed back to the beginning and would do the following. One of us would bear crawl as far as we could while the other would Lt. Dan and then we would switch. The next round we would crab walk. The object was to go all the way down the storefronts to the end. We made pretty good progress but time got the better of us and YHC called time.


American Hammer x 20

Gas Pumps x 20

Protractor until people came to open up and we didn’t want to scare them. HARD STOP


T-claps to Wilson for HC’ing and showing up. He asked what I would have done if I was alone. I had that thought and remembered Laettner’s New Year’s Day post and decided I would spend some time with my Lord. Today God didn’t want me to be alone, like Tom Hanks in Castaway, he gave me Wilson. I have been impressed with Wilson’s commitment and growth during his time at F3 but never had to talk. Yes, it is hard to talk when you spend most of your time trying to catch your breath. Did you know Wilson served in the Marine Corps? Semper Fi and T-claps. His story in the Corp was very familiar to my son-in-law stationed at Pendleton. It was good to chat and dig a little deeper. We are all human and a story to tell. I believe God puts people in your life for a reason. You may not know why today but eventually it will be revealed. Thank you F3 brothers for being in my life. I need some good role models.


YHC Ron Burgundy

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