• When: 11/09/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: couchpotato
  • PAX: Griswold, Purplerain, Steve Laughinghouse [FNG], Laettner, Lunchbox, Snookie, Couchpotato [respect]
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Rolling Stone

YHC’s weather app reported cold and wet, thought the request for Q assist was a Griswold set up, and I’d be all alone in the gloomy cold rain. After surveying possible sites [awning a must!] the old GANT Food Mart in Cedar point seemed like the right spot to protect from foul weather, especially with the clearly posted No Trespassing signs… But as the good Lord always prevails, we had not a drop of rain, not so cold and 6 PAX show up early and eager. These guys are a bit intimidating with their speed, strength and enthusiasm, and now I wished I had actually planned a workout…

The Shovel Flag dug in on Hwy 24 [while i’m scheming], 4 coupons [Firestone 245/75R/17] placed strategically on a curb [not sure why yet], and I calmed myself with my “go to” [psalm 16:8]. F3 Mission statement proudly presented, like a Boss [IMHO]

The Warmarama:  SunGods, L over R, R over L while palms flat on the ground [or close as possible…], an ample amount of side straddle hops, and we needed to get on with it, and I remembered a wall.

THE THING: People’s Chair with a 10 count [x 6], BTW’s 10 count [x 6], rinse and repeat x 3. About the time Snookie realized he was leaning into an outlet cover, it was time for a Mosey, so off we went, Indian Run to the Auto Zone and another NO TRESPASSING sign… AND THEN IT HAPPENED – Laettner’s FNG comes out of the fog like rock star, in full jail break stride to catch up, Soooo, more People’s Chair, more BTW’s, some LBC’s, Dying Cockroaches and that’s when it hit me!

Creeping One Armed Erkins: using the curb, PAX assumed the Erkin position, take the right hand and slowly creep outward keeping the weight on the left, x 5 each arm. Then again Erkin position, right arm by side, slowly lower to the curb, push up, switch arms. Repeat until QIC heard some noises often associated with discomfort. The thought of grown men crying suddenly was making me giggle inside, what was happening here? Needed some soul cleansing, so how about some Lt Dan/Indian Run to the next light. Copperhead squats, and Mt Climbers now seemed like child’s play, a mosey down Hwy 24 for some exploring, now known as THE OCTAGON! In search of the truckload of bears brought in 100 years ago [just ask @holidaymansion], PAX Bear Crawled down the Cedar Point Ski Slope to a dark tree line. QIC mentioned how nice this spot was by moonlight, and how the locals like to let their dogs walk and such… We Lt Dan’d out.

Running short on time, we declared the OCTAGON a “must do” future AO, headed back to the Shovel Flag. As QIC realized there were 4 out front, I declared overhead tire presses as they waited for the six. With just minutes to go, we rushed in 5 more Erkins, one arm on the unstable tire [bonus ab work]. 10 Merkins, PAX knocked out the 2 handed version like a hot knife in butta’! Just enough time for some 45* leg lifts over the tires until QIC heard those noises of discomfort again [Mahahahaha], 5 Burpies and a Hard Stop at 6:15. Whew, somehow, I believe YHC got ‘er done. It was an honor and a pleasure.

Name-a-rama: Welcome Steve Laughinghouse @kiwi

Announcements followed, Laettner lead us in Prayer for the Croatan teens, Snookie and his family always in our thoughts.

I can’t imagine a better way to start the day as we are humbled and remind ourselves to lead and serve. My soul and my sword is sharper because of this group, thank you F3 Nation.



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