After a few day of heavy running, YHC was eager to focus on more reps today. I felt that this plan would draw out several Pax members that have recently re-emerged. Stretching music was provided as the boys rolled in. Full disclaimer and mission statements were given. Nipple Shot and Carleton were dressed to impress!

Short mosey to the basketball courts for warm up

Seal claps

Imperial Walker

Down Dog variations

Lizzard Stretch


Partner Up at mid-field. 10 partner merkins, 20 leg throw downs per man. Partners split and run to opposite sidelines for 10 star jumps. This sequence was repeated for 3 rounds.

Thing 2

Jack Webb of LSF x Dying Cockroach — 4×4 IC increasing to 16×16 IC. This was interrupted by Steamer proclaiming to see the launch of the Apollo 11 in the sky. However, we pressed on .

Thing 3

Back with your partner on the single soccer field. Start at base line. Partner 1 does a 4 count bear crawl followed by 2 burpees. Partner 2 runs to the opposite base line and back to the crawling partner. Flip Flip. Sweep the 6 at the other end. On the return trip, same deal except a 8 count bear crawl was allowed.

Thing 4

Wall taps done IC. Balls to the Wall with a 10 count per man. Wall tap merkins x10 IC.

Next came the Inaugural F3 Carterico Balls to the Wall Competition.  Each Pax member got to predict the winner prior to the start. Most were wrong. In a heated battle, 2 men remained- Steamer and Monkey Wrench. Youth prevailed as Steamer took the victory! T-Claps Steam! It should also be noted that Car e ton was the first man out after holding BTW for almost 5 seconds!

Back to the shovel flag for some windshield wipers by Nipple.

This workout reminded me in some ways of an old school Sensation Q many moons ago. It is always fun to stay together and laugh a lot. Great effort by all men that posted at the Court. Also, T-Claps to my boy Monkey who took the Site Q reins to the Court from YHC and is doing an excellent job.

Pleasure to Lead,




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