• When: 3/15/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp run
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Frosted flake, Cooter, Okinawa, princess, Newman, Buckeye, Laettner, Pastor C, plunger, kiwi, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark

YHC received a text yesterday for request for a clown car to the hashmark from Laettner! It would be the date of his two-year F3 anniversary, and despite his current obstacles, he wanted to post.  Awesome. That would make it a good morning.  

We rolled in from the standard with about two minutes until a hard start. YHC made his way around the circle and was surprised with a fist bump from Oki!  Honestly, it seemed weird to be at the hashmark with Okinawa, and not Pasquale. With all the triathlon training, I think that Pasquale has forgotten where the hashmark is(?).  Anyway, Princess was in the group too, losing his hashmark virginity today.

We moseyed to Brandywine‘s duplex row for a little warmarama: side straddle hops, hairy Rockets, single leg bridges, and active hamstring stretch. We then ran, stopping at every fifth house for a set of five Texas Merkens (progressing from one Merkin up to five each set). After four rounds, we found ourselves at the eastern gate, and made our way back down the highway 24 sidewalk, stopping at every other pole for a set of 4 x 4‘s (These do not seem to be very popular). Cooter then took off, like only Cooter can, but the Q stopped him back on Brandywine Boulevard for a little work on pelvic thrusting: boss tweeds, crabby Patty cakes, and Russian crabs. We moseyed to the next intersection for a thigh burning squat progression: copperhead squats, Al gore with Heel raises, squat jumps, and triple extensions. After mosey to the next break in the median, we did a little plank / Merkin progression: ATMs and plank jacks. The pax had to scatter due to the Brandywine traffic of  Buicks and minivans heading to their morning coffee.  Kiwi laid in the road without a care. He must still be recovering from his marathon(?)

We then moseyed to the tennis court parking lot and split up into two groups for an uneven bear crawl down the long curb, then switched out for uneven crawl-bears back to the start. For some reason the way back seam twice as long as the way there.    We had just enough time for a set of plank walk ups on the curb with feet first, and then hands. After that, Looking at the watch, it was time to roll back to the flag. We stopped along the way for a little rolling Mary consisting of low slow flutters, a Cooter-lead heels to heaven, and some slow Peter Parker’s. With two minutes to spare, we got in an extra set of hand release Merkins then sprinted back to the flag for a hard stop.

What a great morning with temperatures in the low 60s and a great group of hard-working pax!  Frosted continues to push on despite his continued back pain and a very trying week with his family.  And many of the hashmark regulars pushed hard on the over 2 1/2 mile run. Thank you for the keys this morning Squid, we missed you today and I hope your coffee was good. It was an honor to post with such a great group of HIMs!  Congrats on the 2 years Laettner. 

SYITG, Griswold

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