• When: 1/28/20
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Purplerain/Griswold
  • PAX: Cheech, McSketti, FranknBeans, Doolittle, Honeywagon, Beehole, Huckabee, Birdman, Maytag, Griswold, Rerun, Couchpotato, Purplerain
  • AO: Back Blasts

as the PAX started rolling in we realized that our Princess was not here yet and since it had been a while since I had led the guys I was quick to step up and tell Cheech I would fill in for my brother.  There was a little worry in my heart for my brother because he does not miss often.  Never fear though we confirmed that The Princess of our realm was just needing some beauty rest and overslept.  We have all done it bro and that is what brotherhood is all about, so we got your back.

I also had an alternate reason for wanting to take it.  It seems our crew has got the impression that either a workout has to be mega miles running distances and leaving some guys behind or it has to be standing around with just strength training.  Neither of these scenarios are true.  You can create a workout that has high mileage, keep the PAX together and not kill the six.  We got about 2.5 miles in this morning as well as as smoking our shoulders and our quads.  Don’t ever let the PAX pigeon hole you guys, you can create a workout that is tough on everyone.

WARARAMA; we started with a rolling warmarama with 15 SSH ic, 15 Hillbillies ic, and 15 imperial walkers ic.  THERE WAS NO STRETCHING BECAUSE THERE IS NO STRETCHING IN F3, THAT IS FOR BEFORE THE WORKOUT😜.  Right Birdman?

THANG 1: DORA 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 monkey humpers, 400 air presses, P2 runs to end of parking lot 2 burpees and returns.  When your group finishes SSH for the six.  This is important guys: This ensures that each person is getting a full workout, it keeps the six from feeling left behind, and lastly there is nothing more frustrating than when you are the six and you are busting your ass and there is a group of guys that finished and are standing around resting.  Just a thought on why we do not leave the six behind.

THANG 2: Merkin suicide starting with running to far end of parking lot for 10 merkins and decreasing by 1 line and 1 repetition each lap.  5 SSH in between each lap.  LBCs for the six.

THANG 3: Griswold took over from here and we moseyed over to the wall with a circuit of Irkins, uneven Merkin, dirkins, uneven merkins with donkey kicks on the wall in between each set.

MARY: we moseyed back to the flag and unfortunately guys this is where my memory runs out, we did several core exercises with Couchpotato leading us out with Supermans.

COT: Namarama and we got to welcome BeeHole into our group, while he was not a FNG it was his first time with the western PAX and we are looking forward to him being with us as he obviously is going to push us, strong work bro.  Announcements and prayers.

MOLESKIN: guys I realize that I have been falling short on my duties as one of the leaders in the west.  Part of being a leader is not only conveying the how to and the ins and outs of this thing but it is also explaining the WHY.  If you know why F3 does things the way we do them then it will stick with the new guys better and you are more likely to want to pass it along (like why we do not leave the six behind, as you can see there are multiple reasons for this).  So if you have joined our group over the last year or so I apologize that I have fallen short and will do better in the future.  So yes you longtimers youmay be hearing a few more of the Purplerain speeches that you are so accustomed.  Love each and everyone one of you guys and want nothing more than for you to get better in your life.

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