Nine men braved the cold north wind at the boondocks this morning. It was great to see TD Jakes back out for his second workout. I’m glad we didn’t scare him away this past Saturday. At the two minute warning, couch potato came out of the shadows from a little mosey from his house. Hard start at 0530, and a quick mission statement and disclaimer was given. The planned Warmarama was quickly Omaha’ed because YHC did not want to stand around in the cold.
We started with a mosey to the other side of the road for a little dynamic warm-up. We did laps of high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle, High kick toe touches, and then jailbreak the parking lot with five Merkens on each line. After that, 20 air presses IC, and a set of Froggers.
Mosey to the other side of the church where cones were set up in the grass. Partner up, and wheelbarrow from cone to cone. 10 single count of LBC, plank jacks, monkey Humpers. Switch partner and wheelbarrow back and 20 of each of the three exercises. Repeat the same with a set of 30 and then 40 of each of the exercises, for a total of 100 each and four wheelbarrow laps.
Mosey to the other side of the parking lot to do a little work with a curb. 20 urkins, then 30 seconds AMRAP forward curb jumps. Pallet cleanser lap around parking lot then repeat with uneven Merkens X 20 and 30 second AMRAP side curb jumps. Pallet cleanser lap. Repeat the same pattern with Durkin‘s, backward jumps, and then uneven Merkens / jumps in the opposite direction.
Next was a plank railroad around the parking lot and back to the front door of the church. The planks were getting much harder to hold towards the end… What a perfect time to start some abdominal work! The pax got in a tight circle with feet in the center for a protractor wave (thanks Blart!). All men held heels 6 inches off the ground and then one at a time raised up to 45° and repeated around the circle for a count of 50. Then, we switched around with feet facing outwards and all held the pike at 45°. One pax at a time ran two laps shoving the other men’s feet down as he went by. With nine men, the two laps proved to be a bit much, but we persevered.
Next, over to the wall for some plank step ups: 15 X feet up on the wall and back down IC. Repeat X 15 with hands up on the wall and back now IC. Followed up, with 10 chillcut cheek-to-cheek planks IC. YHC’s abs were sufficiently smoked at this point. Time was short so the last thang was Omaha and we got into a tight Al gore circle. A 25 pound dumbbell was passed with five overhead presses each. We had time for one Mary exercise, which was A B C’s led by Snookie.
Sprint to the flag for a hard stop, Count-off, and namearama in the COT. Announcements were made about upcoming F3 workouts and Christmas parties. Couch potato took us out in prayer.
YHC has gotten to the point where Qing workouts no longer causes nervousness, and it’s just enjoyable. It challenges me to be creative, Omaha when needed, and keep the pax together but moving. Some of the thangs from today are from YHC’s virgin Q or from the first couple F3 Qs this summer. The difference is, the reps have all increased and the pax can hang! The western crew has gotten stronger, and are now motivating a few new guys. It’s an awesome thing to see! Thank you purplerain for the opportunity to lead these men today down at the boondocks.

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