36 degrees never felt so good.  YHQ arrived to see the remnants of FNG Snowman as a pile of brown slush.  PAX gathered.  Established that staying up for the National Championship game is a total waste of precious sleep time when you don’t have a dog in the fight.  Mission statement delivered.  Disclaimer butchered.  Off into the darkness.

Warmarama @ Maritime Museum


20 Cotton Pickers IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Good mornings IC

RoL LoR Stretch

Warmarama 2.0

Moseyed to the Roundabout and back to the Cutting Board.

20 Merkins

20 Erkins

20 Dips IC

20 Carolina Dry Docks

The Thang:


Front St Tour – Stops at Moore, Orange, Turner, Craven, and Queen

At each stop:

10 Hand Release Merkins

10 Squats

5 Burpees (initial estimate of 10 Burpees was reduced, WTF Bunion)



30 IC Ferry Dock Step Ups – Box Jumps were vetoed due to slippery conditions and Wifi is almost finished with therapy over his last experience.

Lt Dan the Grayden Paul Dock – Down and Back


Front St Tour in Reverse – Double Time

Queen St Stop – 100 Air Presses

Craven St Stop – 20 Monkey Humpers IC

Turner St Stop – People’s Chair 10 ct each, then One Legged Chair 10 ct each for each leg

Orange St Stop – 20 Mtn Climbers IC

Turner St Stop (Again) – 20 Plank Jacks IC


Plank Calf Stretch L and R

30 LBCs IC

Low Slow Flutter IC

Xs and Os

Heels to Heaven IC

No announcements.  Planning to have a strong showing at HIN mañana.  Graco’s VQ Man-O-War this Thursday.  Rest up fellas.  Glad to work with you gentlemen in more manageable temperatures.  Until next time….Beaufort Rules.




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