Princess had some royal duties pop up elsewhere suddenly and needed a substitute Q. Lord knows YHC will Q at the drop of a hat so I was happy to take over despite the fact that I am still sore from back to back Laettner/Holiday Mansion beatings.

After fist bumps, countdown and mission statement, the 5 assembled PAX circled up for WARMARAMA. We started with 25 SSH’s IC but just 20 seconds in Catfight showed.  In honor of his less than a minute lateness we perfomed 1/2 a burpee and stayed down for down dog/cobra/downdog.  L over R/R over L stretch, cherry-cotton pickers. Short mosey to the next corner for Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 25, Cheech slap fights iC x 20. Mosey to next corner for Hillbillies IC x 20 and Seal Jacks IC x 15.  Mosey to the gym wall for:

THE THANG.  Unfortunately, an early AM recon of the AO showed that the overnight freeze took the bleachers and 1/2 of my carefully calculated plan out of play. Oh well, OMAHA. YHC wanted to provide a full body workout so we completed a series of exercises alternating upper and lower body followed by a mosey for a pallet cleanser each time.  We did four rounds consisting of 5 reps, 8 reps, 10 reps and 12 reps of each exercise all done IC.  The exercises were people’s chair with air press, balls to the wall, thigh burners, dirty hook up, squats, Gris-WALL-ds alternating tow taps, and monkey-humpers.  After the fourth round we had just enough time to find another spot on the wall and do peoples chair with a public school overhead desk press. Each PAX would take turns coming off the wall and using a ratty, mildew-ridden public school student desk to do 15 overhead presses.

WIth just enough time left we moseyed back to the flag for dealer’s choice Mary which consisted of LSF/LBC combo (Navy), Birdman Crunches (Purplerain), Freddy Merc’s (Cheech), Merkins (Catfight), Reverse Snow Angels (Griswold), and Dying Cock Roaches (Kiwi).

Announcements: YHC on the Q for Mullet Wrapper tomorrow. Prayer requests for Navy’s father in law, another of our brother’s M. Kiwi took us out in the BOM with heartfelt words of thanks and praise.

I want to thank everyone who donated gift cards to the USCG members from Ft. Macon and Emerald Isle.  Your generosity is amazing and the lengths to which you are willing to donate your time and treasure for the greater good of the people in our community never ceases to amaze me.  I am humbled and thankful that the Lord sees fit to let me be associated with men like you.

SYITG tomorrow morning.

Navy, Out.

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