As YHC awoke this Monday morning, I could hear the sound of raindrops hitting the windows and immediately felt as if it was going to be another low turnout for the Band of Brothers.  As I checked to see if Pedro was going to be there, I started thinking of what the workout would be like if I had to Q in his absence.  No reply from Pedro meant only one thing, let’s do this.

Upon arriving earlier than usual, I sat still wondering what had happened to Pedro.  With the rain starting to fade, I noticed MyT being dropped off, Wilson pulling into his usual parking space, Nippleshot pulled up by the fountain, and Mahindra showing up with a few minutes before go time.  We all assembled on the cutting board ready to face what was in store.  3 F’s, mission statement, and core principles were given along with our disclaimer and off we go.

Warmarama (with the Table Setters joining in)

Cotton Pickers


Sun Gods

Imperial Walkers

Downward Dog

Table Setters left for their run through the hood and it was time for:

The Thang

Double Bicep Curls x 15

Shoulder Press (right the left) X 15 each

Squats x 15

Quick mosey around fountain and back to repeat.  It was at this time that Nippleshot began talking about something with a roommate and an Asian girl.  Just ask him about it.  It was quite interesting and funny to say the least.

After round 2 of exercises, the Q called for another mosey around the fountain but was asked by MyT to omaha the run to around Red Fish Grill.  Q agreed and was happy to do so.  Nothing like a good run around the block to stretch the legs out.

We picked up our bands and headed to the shelter in front of Southern Salt for more band work.  With the bands wrapped around the post of the gazebo, we performed the following:

Standing rows x 15

Chest fly x 15

Air squats without bands holding for a 3 count x 15

Erkins x 15

Mosey to Jack’s and back

Repeat 2 more rounds with 1 mosey to Jack’s in between

Quickly head back to cutting board for a 2 round set of:

Dips x 15

Air squats x 15 with a lengthy hold at the bottom

More Erkins x 15


LBC’s x 15 IC

LSF’s x 15 IC

Announcements, prayer requests were made and YHC took us out in prayer.

As always, it was a honor to lead this group of dedicated men who beat the fartsack and posted on a rainy morning.  Even though the rain stopped long enough for us to get in our workout.  We shouldn’t let a little rain or cold morning stop us from being the best we can be, rather it should be a motivated tool to say we can overcome these obstacles that mother nature sends our way.  I take it as a challenge to post on mornings like this when I can, and I hope that you will look at it the same.

Until next time……..




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