• When: 2/6/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Campe
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Doublemint, Lunch Box, Laettner, Maytag, Griswald, Sparkles, Pillbox (Respect), Button Cap, Gertrude (Respect), Purple Rain, Cooter, Duck Butter
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Baptist Church

February 4, 2016, I still remember the first workout like it was yesterday.  I also remember my sense of accomplishment when I had posted for 1 whole year.  Certainly I’m proud of the perseverance and commitment, but there’s something else.  I guess year one was all about me to a point, weight loss, getting in shape, meeting new friends, etc.  But here’s what I’ve learned on my second lap around the sun with F3 Carterico, it’s really not about me at all.

I have enjoyed giving away all the lessons and gifts of F3 that were, and still are, given freely to me.  I guess you could say it is my new passion.  Helping launch New Bern, helping launch Beaufort, helping launch High Point, helping launch Western Carteret have been some of my favorite memories.  Watching those areas grow, well I’m as proud as a ruttin’ buck.  Not because I was there, but because there are all these other dudes that have a chance to feel like I feel.  And more importantly they are now giving it away.

Everybody isn’t going to “drink the Kool-Aid” the way I have.  Some guys get what they need out of the 1st F, others the 2nd, and luckily some guys the 3rd.  Life is busy and can so easily get in the way of posting consistently.  The good news is, it’s here for you.  The gloom will always welcome you back, along with the fist bumps and camaraderie of the dudes with you.  Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve.  This mission applies to one another as much as it does to the FNG you are EH’ing.

Which brings me to my trip to The Boonedocks and a rendezvous with the PAX of the western end.  These guys have it going on.  I have been so very impressed reading the goings-on on slack and have been waiting for the right time to go for a visit.  I reached out to Purple Rain a while back about securing my VQ with them to “celebrate” my 2nd year.

A freshly convalesced Doublemint met me at The Wal-Mart at O dark thirty for the ride to the Cape Carteret Baptist Church.  Upon arrival we found an unoccupied PurpleRain mobile.  TClaps for the Standard prior to, strong holmes, stong.  YHC and boy wonder set out purveying the sprawling AO and after setting up some cones, arriving back at the shovel flag, found an eager and awaiting PAX.  And Gert.

Applicable minute warnings given, mission statement delivered like a Boss, and properly disclaimed we set off behind the church for a lap around the back parking lot and a makeshift baptismal pool they have outside there.  We circled back and circled up around a hobbled Laettner, who continues to post despite having a broken ankle or leg, maybe both, probably both.  Which further proves the motto of F3 and John Varner, “If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough.”


SSH IC x20

Cotton Pickers IC x20

Sun Gods Forward IC x 10, Chinooks IC x10, Reverse IC x10

Overhead Claps IC x10, Pick Cherries off a tree and put em in a basket

Figure 4 Pistol squat silent 10 count and switch legs

Right over left hang for a silent 10 count and switch legs

I have petitioned for the security footage of the figure four pistol squats.  When granted the video I will be posting on Slack.  I’m looking at you Griswald.  After warming up, Laettner led the PAX to an adjacent parking lot on the property that may belong to some Presbyterians.  The PAX lined up shoulder to shoulder eyeing down some cones for

The Thang-  The Michigan

(10) 100 yd sprints, no rest

After the sprints, in honor of Steamer, some jack webbs.  Combination 1 would be merkins and air presses, 4/4, 8/8, 12/12, 16/16 all in cadence.  You read that correct, in cadence.  I’m telling you, these cats are no joke.

(8) 80 yd sprints, no rest

After these sprints, JW combo #2.  Freddie Mercury and Low Slow Flutters, in cadence.  4/4, 8/8, 12/12, 16/16.

(6) 60 yd sprints, no rest

In lieu of JW after this short set of sprints, YHC decided to remind the PAX of the importance of the cadence of our exercises.  As a workout Q it is always vital that the actions, commands, and cadence be consistent.  When we travel DR and post in a new place it is comforting to know how the exercises are given and performed, and we must do the same for visiting F3 brothers, unless they’re from Raleigh.

(4) 40 yd sprints, no rest.  Lunchbox gets his second wind during these and flat smoked YHC.

Jack Webb combo #3.  Carolina Dry Docks and Peter Parkers.  IN CADENCE.  4/4, 8/8, 12/12, 16/16.  Three minutes earlier YHC had informed the PAX of the importance of cadence and inflection.  But amidst my own misery during these jack webbs, I got lost and forgot.  Mea cupla gents.  But in my own defense they sucked.

(2) 20 yd Lt Dans

And then off on a mosey to a drainage ditch, old pond, possible septic hollow.  Whatever it was, it was high on each side and long and low in the middle.  Just right for a bear crawl down in and across and then back up onto the other side.  Apparently, PillBox doesn’t like bear crawls.  After getting over to the otherside, he hauled off and kicked my in the shin.  True story.  Unreal.  Gert saw it.  But instead of having my counsel slap him with a TRO, YHC had the PAX crawl bear back down and across the gulley.  Sidenote, I didn’t really crawl down.  The frost allowed me to pretty effortlessly slide to the bottom.  I also feel on my face at the bottom and I’m still picking dirt, or least what I’m calling dirt, out of my ears.

After reaching the top of the berm, we recovered on the mosey back to the shovel flag for

Since this was PurpleRain’s site, YHC handed over the reigns

Bird Man crunches IC x507 maybe more

Box Cutter IC x15

A merciful hard stop followed.


Awesome to see Cooter, WCHS Class of 96, posting in the gloom.  I can’t wait until I’m as fast as you.

Cedar Island Ruck 2/17.  Leaving Promiseland Market at 0500.  Stepping off from the ferry dock at 0600.  Getting back to MHC hopefully around 5ish, maybe 6.

CoopStrong Race 3/24 in G’vegas.  Purple Rain is leading some dudes up on Friday night for some 2nd F, and some others will come up early Saturday morning to post with the ENC boys before the event.

Prayer Concerns

David Hesmer

The daughter of one of my coworkers

Dipper’s dad


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