Wow what a light show looking off to the East and North, sure hope those men at the Bands and Table don’t get struck by any of that brilliant light.  Off to the Knarr.  I contacted Pasqually last night hoping to snag the Q for the Knarr from him this morning.  He was more than happy knowing I would have to be a hard commit after my fartsack on Friday.  YHC pulled up to the AO seeing only Buckeye.  Having a few HC’s last night I expected about 4 this morning – minus the late night arrival of RonB taking back his HC.  To my surprise the vehicles kept rolling in, what was I to do????  Pasqually showed up early with Squid so YHC was not sure how to start without a last second, whoa hold on here comes Holiday Mansion talking about some key robbing conspiracy at the last minute, ok back to normal with an on the dot arriving pax.  Giving a somewhat perfect mission statement we were off to find out what Perfect form but not easy is all about.


  • Quick lap into SSH 20 IC, L over R, R over L 10 SC each, completely forgetting what it’s called (apparently now it is the baby turtle) Sun gods forward and reverse 10 IC.


  • Performed 3 times in order with a cleansing lap around the inner circle of the park between sets
  • Squats 30 SC
  • Alternating Lunges 15 IC
  • Freddie mercury’s 20 IC – (perfect form these hurt by the time you hit 10)
  • Walking Lunges – 10 away from Pavilion turn around 10 back undercover
  • Plank – 1 minute hold  (last time Pasqually thought this was dumb so we added 30 seconds)
  • Single leg bridge – turned into MRS TWEEDS – eventually Momma Tweeds  10 each leg
  • Reverse Lunges – 15 IC
  • Started out as Dead Bug (Pasqually said what’s the difference in Dying Cockroach) legs and arms both straight up in the air that is the difference  lifting and engaging your core each rep – 10 SC

YHC wanted to do this 4 times but we were in a time constraint.  So on to the amphitheater for 1 round of Peoples chair with air presses 5 SC each pax.  Round 2 on your 6 as close to the wall as possible (something about someones big A** is why they were so far away) perfect form dead bug 10 SC. Round 3 stay on 6 and perform wipers (lack of counting so YHC kept going until there was a pseudo count) 15 IC.  Round 4 Peoples chair holding arms out straight  5 SC each pax.

MARY   –    Off to the parking lot for one round of Monkey Wrench American Hammers 20 IC.

I do so enjoy the comradery of the pax during the workouts.  Kind of funny when someone asks how flatulence tastes as he is running away to the other side of the picnic tables.  It just doesn’t get any better then that.

No announcements, prayer concerns, YHC took us out in a prayer that was all over the spectrum.

Blart out

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