After a very “trying” weekend it was all I could do to get out of the fartsack this am. It wasn’t until I was half way to the AO before I was fully awake. But arriving to the parking lot to see the smiling faces of the PAX it was well worth it.

3 others listened to me bumble through the mission and disclaimer then it was Warmarama

Cotton Pickers 15IC

Imperial Walkers 15IC

Sun Gods Forward and back. 15 each IC

A record breaking mosey distance to the playground. 4 cones set out four stations of 20 of each exercise. 20 Merkins 20 LBC 20 alternating shoulder taps on a four count and 20 more LBCS

1 round with the cones then PAX would plank while one traverses the monkey bars from hell! Thanks Puddles for the idea. 3 rounds on the bars then another round of cones. Back to the bars for 2 for more rounds, cones and back to the bars for one round and back to the cones. Total of 100 Merkins 200 LBCS 100 alt shoulder taps

mosey to the “pickanic” tables for 20 dips, erkins, Derkins 15, 10, then 5. Over the the amphitheater for People chair 30 count, BTTW 30 count twice. Back to the flags for Mary

Box Cutters 25 IC

Amrrican Hammer 25 ic

Dying Cockroach 25 ic

finish up time with Air Press

Anouncements then Blart took us out in prayer.

With the huge numbers of pax posting in the West, it was good to have a small group. Maybe this is what I needed to get my ass back at it!


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