• When: 5/19/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: LadyBug
  • PAX: Purple Rain, JWow, Staypuft, Snooki, Linus, World Cup, Playdoh, Pill Box, Skimmer, Rupaul, Lunchbox, Cooter, OJ, Sassoon, DumpsterDog, Sparkles, MaBell, Immigrant, Couch Potato, Maytag, Barnical, FNG Bryan
  • AO: Back Blasts

1 minute warning call was given and at 7 am we began with a semi decent mission statement.

The Lady Bug Treatment

Warm O rama

15 Side Straddle Hops

10 Sungods

10 Reverse Sungods

15 Cotton Pickers

The Goods

The Pax moseyed over to the tennis courts and completed 11’s of Burpee’s and Squats

Which gave a total of 55 Burpees and 55 Squats.  Great first 15 minutes fellas.

Then the Pax moseyed over to the baseball field and were divided into 4 teams.

Home plate-15 Burpees

1st base-Squats

2nd base- Monkey Humpers

3rd base-Air Presses

After team 1 completed their 15 they ran to first and every team rotated until all groups completed each base.

After this the Pax moseyed back to the basketball courts for some good 21’s of merkins and WWI’s.

Which gave a total of 210 Merkins and WWI’s.

With a couple of minutes left the Pax circled up and Mary was called.

1 round of Gitmo’s, Box Cutters, Dying Cockroach and LBC’s

Pax moseyed back to the Flags and the FNG was crowned Lone Ranger.  Announcements were given and Purple Rain led us in a great prayer.


Thank you for the support men, I enjoy every morning with you men especially when I can make Snooki give me that good New Jersey salute, shortly followed by another one from Lunch Box.


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