• When: 2/16/18
  • Workout Style: Great
  • QIC: Pasqually
  • PAX: Lunchbox, Holiday, Laettner Kiwi, Ricardo, Squid, Pasqually (OG)
  • AO: Back Blasts

When the planned Q get double book thanks to Crabby, The site Q is required to fill in.

The pax gather as the Q rolled up ready to go, the almost perfect mission statement was given. The Q will eventually get it right. It takes practice.

Looking at a map on the long drive in the Q decided it was time to return to the Hasmark to it origins of being a Blackop site. The hashmark was formed at a time in life when most the Pax members were training for a ruck leaving many members without a meaningful site and became unapproved and unsanctioned. Meeting in the dark inside off-limits areas.  With that in mind, The Q decided to mosey around the golf course of the Western Carterico AO.

Not much was planned other than that with the thought if a dog barked where every the PAX would stop, the pax would move along a little further

The Thang

The PAX Ran, Planked, Merkined, Seal Clap, Squat, bear crawled staying off the greens performed a Lunchbox head fake

Announcements were made

Prayers requested

Kiwi took the Pax out in BOM

Looking forward to my next Q to discover more about this BlackOp Site. This Q couldn’t think of a better group to be with at 530 a.m. than the Carterico PAX

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