• When: 4/8/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy (respect), Monkey Wrench (respect) Dash 8 (respect), Kiwi, Ricardo, Birdman, Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

YHC was a little hazy yesterday after a weekend of celebration.  My 2.0’s wedding to Focker went off without a hitch on Saturday.  The upside is that it took place at a beautiful vineyard in the Western part of the state.  The other upside was the winery had an unlimited amount of Merlot and various other varietals for us to, “e-hem”, sample.  Needless to say, on Sunday YHC’s head was a little cloudy and the fact that he had pledged to Q the Knarr on Monday slipped his mind.  Blart kindly reminded YHC at 5:59PM after I had HC’d for the Green Mile.

Undeterred, YHC posted the preblast with seconds to spare. This morning I happily picked up a bright eyed and bushy tailed Dash 8 and sped to the AO in the gloom.  With a host of Knarr regulars (sans Blart) at the ready YHC stumbled through the mission statement and started off on a mosey.  Almost immediately, YHC started to experience the physical ramifications of the, “e-hem”…“tasting”, completed on Satuday (and well into the wee hours of Sunday).  There was a real danger that the Merlot would be spilled.  Undeterred, YHC muddled through a rolling WARMARAMA:

  • Skier Jacks IC x15
  • Hairy Rockettes, IC x 10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 10
  • Down Dog, pedal pump, cobra
  • Parking space box drill with squats

Then it was off to the football field for the Inaugural burpsKNARRtt 500.  The Pax were informed that we would be doing 5 exercises of 10 reps each, then fast mosey the length of the football field and back.  We would complete this circuit 10 times with a result of 500 reps and 2000 yards of mosey completed at the end.  This is EXACTLY what we did for the THANG.

  • Round 1: Seal Claps, squats, monkey humpers, merkins, LBCs
  • Round 2: Overhead Claps, squats, diamond merkins, LBCs
  • Round 3: Air presses, tempo squats, gorilla humpers, double wides, LBC’s
  • Round 4: Seal Claps, squats, monkey humpers, carolina dry docks, LBCs
  • Round 5: Air presses, squats, gorilla humpers, tempo merkins, LBC’s
  • Round 6: Overhead claps, squats, boss tweeds, diamond merkins, LBC’s
  • Round 7: Air presses, squats, monkey humpers, diamond merkins, LBCs
  • Round 8: Overhead claps, squats, gorilla humpers, double wides, LBCs
  • Round 9: Air press, squats, monkey humpers, carolina dry docks, LBCs
  • Round 10: Bobby Hurley’s, Groiners, Merkins, Burpees, LBCs

With a few minutes left, we moseyed to the amphitheater and completed a round of peoples chair with 10 count each man and BTTW with 10 count each man.  Finally back to the flag for a few minutes of MARY:  X files, Swimmers, LBC’s, right and left side oblique crunches, down dog with pedals and cobra to a hard stop.

YHC is happy to report that none of the precious Merlot ended up wasted on the ground at the Ft. Benjamin AO. The Pax closed out in a COT and Kiwi took us out in a speedy but heartfelt prayer.

It is always a pleasure and honor to lead and this morning was no exception to the rule.  YHC appreciates the assembled Pax keeping the mumblechatter to a dull roar and taking it easy on YHC as he stumbled through calling exercises, cadence, etc. like a rookie Q as the red wine fog lifted slowly from around my head.  Thanks for the keys Ricardo and thanks for the support from the Pax!


Navy, out.

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