The Q was excited to head to the green mile this morning because he got an HC from Boil. It is a special day when that happens!  With 3 minutes until a hard start, the pax was still shuffling in, except for Boil.   At 5:30 the mission statement and disclaimer were stated, and the pax were sent off down Reed Drive to hook up with the bike path. The Q stayed behind and circled around the parking lot like a chicken with it’s head cut, off waiting for Boil’s arrival. About four minutes later, Navy was yelling back that Boil was up ahead. 🤷‍♂️.  Apparently, he decided to forgo meeting us in the parking lot, so the Q had to take off and try to catch up with the pax. He eventually did, but no one could catch sparkles, who has proven himself to be an impressive runner.

It was a perfect calm and clear morning for a run, with temps in the 40s. Princess walked with the dedicated site Q, who shows up at his AO even when he has doctor’s orders not to run. Buoy was walking Maytag again, and purplerain was making use of the light poles for some impressive fartlek‘s (or maybe he was just farting).  We all seemed to pass and support each other at some point, and ended up back at Jackie‘s for a hard stop. Count off, namarama, announcements, and prayer requests were made, Including a praise of some positive medical news for Navy’s father-in-law.  

Thank you men, for the support and fellowship again this morning, and thank you Boil for the completely unplanned speed work. It was great to have you out there with us no matter what the circumstances.

It’s always a pleasure CP. Thank you for the opportunity and for your continued leadership.


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