When Q’ing a ruck, YHC usually chooses trails versus pavement. But unsure of the previous nights rain and muddy trail situation, we went to a location for the Prometheus where we had either option. We met up at the normal “green mile parking lot”, where buttoncap and Laettner rolled in with a couple minutes to spare. This slacker Q did not even state the mission statement or disclaimer to the two seasoned F3 veterans. We took off at a fast pace for the Emerald Woods trails. A couple of laps were done on the trails, stopping at the picnic tables for 20 step-ups IC, and 30 Urkins. After getting tired of dodging the mud puddles, we headed back to the bike path and then down the road to the Islander hotel beach access. We paused for a second to take in the morning Beachview, checked the time, and quickly headed back to the parking lot. With two minutes to spare, we picked it up to a jog and circled the Beach Mart building until a hard stop.
Walking a ruck is such a drastic change in pace from yesterday‘s dreadnought, But both are enjoyable in their own way. As usual, the three of us got into some good second-F conversations. It’s always good to find out a little more about each man’s personal life, and that we often share the same joys and similar struggles. By my watch we got in around 3.4 miles.
Announcements were made of buttoncaps Q on the Rolling Stone tomorrow, and Cooter on FOD Saturday. Many of us will be representing Carterico at the Coop-strong run/ruck in Greenville this weekend after a workout with ENC F3.
YHC took us out in prayer, continuing to lift up my father-in-law and family as well as an illness with a teacher from White Oak Elementary.
Always a pleasure buttoncap.

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