• When: 09/26/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Newman
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy, Monkey Wrench, Kiwi, Ricardo, Birdman, Griswald, Cooter, Squid
  • AO: Hash Mark

What a beautiful morning it was, just a stone’s throw from the shores of the great Bogue Sound, nestled among the pines of the quaint community know to those around these parts as Brandywine. As YHC arrived the usual PAX began trickling in as we approached the start time. I was soon to realize that certain aspects of the pre-blast were to be a bit misleading. With the deliverance of the mission statement with perfection that likes of Churchill and the other great orators of history would have hailed, we were off.


First stop: SSH ICx25, SunGod’s x15 and reverse, Cotton pickers x10, 5 burpees Oyo


Moseying our way towards Brandywine Proper

Second Stop: Squats x15 (some of the Pax were doing copperhead squats for some reason), WW1s x20, Merkins x10, 5 Burpees Oyo

Third Stop: Boss Tweed x10, Pickle Pounders x 10, Monkey Humpers x10

Fourth Stop: Star Jumps x15, LBCs x20, Merkins x10

By now we made it to the driving range and in time for some rack and stack and de-stack:

5x spider Merkins, 10x squats, 15x WW1s, 20x plank Jack’s, running down to the second flag (50yards?) And back in between.

By now the mumblechatter was heavy. Apparently the statement “there is more to life than running” signaled “not much running” to some of the PAX.

After a ten count led by RB we began the trip back towarda the flag.

Stopped at the pool for lunges across the parking lot and then bear crawls back across.

Working some Mary into the journey back we stopped for: LSF x20 and American Hammer x20.

Jailbreak back to the flag and finished out with some box cutters before hard stop was called.

Nameorama was done and YHC took us out.

Special thanks to Birdman for enduring the miles.




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