• When: 04/11/2018
  • Workout Style: Bands
  • QIC: Twitty
  • PAX: Reefdonkey, Graco, Bunion, Wifi, Dogtown, MyTSharp, Flipova, Winnie tha Poo, Duckbutter
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Dockhouse

DR last week (and frequently this year according to Flipova and my wife), YHQ was happy to be back at it.  While waiting with intense anticipation to see exactly which PAX members would arrive the Pink Sasquatch drove up in all it’s soccer mom glory.  Not to be outdone, a guilted Duckbutter and perhaps Beau-curious, Reefdonkey joined to represent the Morehead contingent.  Beaufort boyz arrived on time.  Disclaimer was delivered flawlessly and unnoticed as the sweet squeak of Bunions tires filled the air upon his Front St approach.  It was at this point that I realized that my lack of planning would not go undetected by this hardy crew.  Let the games begin.


Moseyed from the Dockhouse to the Dockhouse via Front, Queen, Anne and Craven Streets.


20 Sungods IC- forehand and backhand

20 Good Mornings IC

20 Imperial Walkers – yes, that’s the one that, yeah, uh huh.

The Thang?

Summer fast approaching and Bunions arms are still as thin as Mama Lopiccolo’s Capellini, it was time to prep for the Cape Lookout/Wade Shore Gun Show.

10 Rows IC

8-ish Chestical Flies IC

20 Alternating Curls IC – AKA Bunion’s forward wrist lift.

20 Tricep Exts IC

20 Squats – Feet Reefdonkey width apart.

It was made clear that both the total number of reps and the unused length of YHQs band were definitely not fitting of a fitness professional.  So let’s try it again…

20 Rows IC

20 Chestical Flies IC (thanks to Graco for keeping count while the intense mumble chatter contintued)

20 Alternating Curls – yeah, I like ’em.

20 Side raises – bend the elbow or Flipova’s got you on his PT route.

Cleanse/Cooldown lap from Dockhouse to Dockhouse via Front, Craven, Ann and Turner Streets

20 Rows IC

20 Chestical Flies IC – Wifi might have done 25.

20 Alternating Curls IC

20 Front Raises IC – elbows ladies, seriously.

‘What about the squats?  You forgot the squats last time!’  Glad y’all were paying attention.  Here we go…

20 Squats IC

PAX then followed YHQ like lost and underworked sheep to the next part of this seemingly less than intense workout….

Chariots of Vomit or Flipova’s Full Pull

Partners interlock bands and pull each other like a damned plow mule down the Western D’House parking lot and back.  Grunting and heaving the PAX made 2 rounds per man and it was time to suck wind.


30 LBCs IC – MyT lot of whining going on…

20 Goodbye Dollies IC courtesy of Graco – strong, son.  real strong.

20 Box cutters IC for Duckbutter

20 Wipers IC for Reefdonkey – some more intermittent than others.

20 Boss Tweeds from MyTSharp to pay homage to the man himself.  Get well soon Boss…

Upcoming workouts throughout Carterico were discussed.  Minimal announcements.  The spiritual leader of Team BFT, Dogtown, took us out in a most reverent fashion.  For all those concerns named and unnamed, let’s be sure that we continue to be what our families, friends and community need us to be.  I know, Flipova, you have had to hear this two times too many, but this is my backblast so you can’t do anything about it.  It has been a great year, gentlemen.  Thank you to those who welcomed me into this group.  Duckbutter for the EH; Gertrude for the name; and everyone else I have met along the way.  Y’all have given me a lot of motivation that is often hard to come by when the life and work balancing act seems overwhelming.  Not just motivation to get up and go, on the rainy days when I know Bunion will just do that damned awning workout, I am talking about the motivation to have a positive impact on someone every day or to try to be a leader when you may not necessarily feel like leading.  My 3Fs are stronger now than a year a go, but there’s a lot of work to do.  SYITG.






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