YHC had the opportunity today to Q in Beaufort for the first time, and was joined by 6 other men. Absolutely gorgeous day on Front Street, as the chatter was mumbling, a quick welcome and then a mosey around the block, stopping at the corners for some warmarama. Sun Gods IC x 10 (F&R), Good Mornings IC x 10 and Hillbillies IC x 10. Asuza arrived a little late and 3 burpees were done in honor of his arrival.

PAX circled up for 3 rounds of Howling Monkeys, during which a man in a big truck proceeded to pass by very slowly as Twitty was displaying his perfect form. T-Claps sir. Also, YHC learned that Graco can squat for days. Simply amazed at the ability of the Beaufort PAX! 25 6 to 90’s done, followed by 25 IC LBC’s.

With 2 cones spread out a little farther than a block apart, partners were picked with instructions to run to opposite cones, meet back in the middle for 10 Burpees. This was done twice.
Then a repeat of 6 to 90’s and LBC’s.
2 more rounds of Burpees.
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 25 and Air Press IC x 25
2 more rounds of Burpees
Curb Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 25 and Air Press IC x 25

Then a little back peddling and sprinting with each stopping point being another 5 burpees or so. Over to the benches by the water for Dips IC x 25, Urkins IC x 25, Step Ups SC x 25. One more round of 6 to 90’s and LBC’s and then more burpees to get to 100+ on the day. One more set of Dips, Urkins and Step Ups and then a little bear crawl fun, back to the curb where some Curb Merkins were performed. Circled up for a couple more rounds of Howling Monkeys and then a hard stop.

Great work fellas. Have really enjoyed when I have been able to get to Beaufort and workout with you men. I know Tuesdays are always tough for you Dogtown and really appreciate you coming out. Loved seeing Twitty continue to look to Bunyon for advice on the impact each exercise might have on his body. Big news shared this morning with Wifi announcing he has a job. T-Claps bro. I know thats a huge answer to prayer, and that you don’t have to leave the area. The PAX shared how confused they were to all of the weekend exercise announcements going on surrounding the Hero/Mosquito activity. Graco made it known that his focus was to run in the 10k and nothing was gonna slow him down (any Saturday morning workouts). YHC led in prayer and then it was back to the western side to get ready for the rest of the day.

Thanks for having me Flip. Hope to see ya next time Boss Tweed. Always an honor.


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