YHC rolled into Rotary Park this fantastic morning to find Monkey Wrench already there getting ready to embark on a short standard to get his morning started.  As I planted my shovel flag beside the flag of the Carterican Court, the PAX started to slowly roll in.  Monkey returned and warnings were given (5,4,3,2,1) followed by mission statement, disclaimer, and core principles of F3 were recited flawlessly. 2 Burpees for Deebo being just a moment late.   A short mosey to the basketball courts for what is to be known as:


Cotton Pickers IC x 15

SSH IC x 20

Sun Gods IC x 15 (Forward then Reverse)

Hillbillies IC x 15

Off for another short mosey back to soccer field by Big Rock Stadium, Home of your Morehead City Marlins, for our main part of our morning called:


I called this forwards and backwards.  Four exercises, one at each corner, done in 2 rounds.   Each corner would have a different exercise .

Round 1

1st corner: Merkins X 10 reps

2nd Corner: Squats x 20 reps

3rd Corner: Plank Jacks X 30 reps

4th Corner: Monkey Humpers X (yep you guessed it) 40 reps

Back to the starting corner and plank for the 6.

Round 2 (Done in reverse order)

1st Corner: Monkey Humpers x 10

2nd Corner: Plank Jacks X 20

3rd Corner: Squats X 30

4th Corner: Merkins X 40

Quick mosey up the the outfield wall of the baseball field for a little wall work.   People’s Chair with a 10 count per member, followed by 5 burpees OYO.   I seem to remember someone saying it isn’t an official workout without burpees so I felt that they were needed.  Back on the wall for BTW with a 5 count per man and then a short mosey around the light poles of the parking lot and back to the wall for  another round of People’s Chair, 3 burpees, and BTW.

One more mosey around the parking lot and then back to the soccer field for 11’s.   1 Carolina Dry Dock on one sideline followed by a run to the other sideline for 10 LBC’s.  We continued until we reached 10 Carolina Dry Docks to 1 LBC.

Mosey around the tree of life down to the basketball courts and back to the flag for:


Low Slow Flutters X 20

X’s & O’s (Monkey Wrench led)

Plank (Right Arm Up the Left Arm Up)

Hard Stop.  Announcements and prayer request were made.  MeeMee took us out in prayer.

It was an honor to lead this group of men this morning.  I have said this before but we have an awesome opportunity before us to be better at everything we do.  Continue to talk to those around you that could benefit from F3.  It has definitely made a big impact on me and it continues to make me wait to be better.  If you see someone who hasn’t been here in a while, tell them how much it would mean to you to have them post.  It just might be the one thing to get them moving again.

Until next time……


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