• When: 03/11/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Nippleshot, Duck butter, Puddles (respect), Pocahontas, Reef donkey, second mile, Pastor Cleaver, Misty, Jangalang, Aflac, Deebo, Spongebob, Rameses (respect), Bayliner, Kratom, Bunion, Pooh, Lassie, Steamer, Gertrude (respect), Monkeywrench, Crabby, Plunger, Lamarr, Suitcase (respect), Au Jus
  • AO: Back Blasts

26 Stalwart Souls joined YHC to the Sanitary parking lot to start the week off right. 58°, yet @duckbutter still in his man-tights?

3Fs, mission statement, disclaimer flawlessly flung above the din of the infamous Carterican mumblechatter followed by a rolling WARMARAMA west up Evans St:  7th St SSH x 20 IC <Party rudely crashed here by @navy and his bros de bands, who began to madly monkey hump in the middle of our circle> Speechless, YHC led the wide-eyed, stunned Tablesetter innocents onward to 9th St: Willie Mays Hays IC x 10 in honor of our full-time part-time resident from off @aujus. *Note: YHC may have pulled something here. WMH will now be placed on @gert’s list of banned exercises. **Note: 3 burpees for late @secondmile ***Note:  4 burpees for late-r @pastorC.

To 13th: Windmills.  To 15th:  CPs. To 17th:  Arm Circles. Again, for @aujus. In spite of his known ubiquitous marketing presence, @aujus did NOT (directly) compensate YHC for multiple mentions in this post.

Warmarama complete, so form 2 lines for Dipper run to 23rd St end of Evans to begin


Turn around at dark end and run back east @kratom speed back to 22nd St while contemplating with whom you’d like to partner:  22nd St:  CH Squat IC x 20, Monkey Humper IC x 20. Run

20th St:  (@duck sheds layer here. Upper, not lower, thank God) Booya Merkin x 10. Partner Derkin x 10 each. Run

18th St:  (@gert deduces pattern) Bropee x 10, Plankjack IC x 10. Beginning to see Eastward leakage here (@duck, @nip, @reef)

16th St:Doublewide x 15, Diamond Merkin x10

Repeat above pattern at 14th, 12th, 10th, & 8th (Serious leakage from known felons named above)

Final stop at 6th St:  WWI x 20, Freddy Merc IC x 20, LSF IC x 20, American Hammer IC x 10. @Gert bitching here for the hard stop as he has to be at work by 10:30

Mosey to flag for closing ceremonies:


Meeting Thursday to plan fundraiser/possible CSAUP to raise money for Atlantic Beach Fire Chief Adam Snyder and family

Prayer Requests 

Adam Snyder, seriously injured in skiing accident this past weekend

@MyTSharp’s mother

John Jenkins

@frostedflake and family

@aujus took us out in prayer, lifting up those named above

It was an honor and pleasure to lead this morning gentlemen.




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