• When: 4/23/18
  • Workout Style: Run walk crawl
  • QIC: @Cooter
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Navy(Respect), Griswold, Laettner, Couchpotato(Respect), Putin, Tony Romo, McMuffin, Lunchbox, Plebe, Maytag
  • AO: Green Mile

12 faithful PAX rolled out of bed this am for a light stroll around EI.  We had another glorious morning in Carterico.  YHC is always impressed people get out of bed to push themselves to their limits before most are even awake.  A great push today from the PAX.  @Putin is making a name for himself at every post, great to see 2.0’s stepping up.  I still can’t get mine to show.  @McMuffin pushed his mileage limits today.  @Purplerain and @Couchpotato took it upon themselves for a standard this am and @Couchpotato even ran back after the Greenmile, simply inspiring.  Always good to get 2nd F in along the way.  Great crew today.

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