YHC knew it was going to be a perfect NC morning run when the glasses fogged up as I walked out the door…  PAX met on time, shovel flag in place and warmed up OYO until HS 5:30AM.

The Thang: Mission Statement offered and one more glance into the gloom was offered [in search of @shank], then off we went down the CGRd. If you haven’t experienced the Green Mile AO, it’s a must do. Some good ISI out there, add some 2nd and 3rd “F” if you wish, and a great way to start the day/week. You can push yourself as hard as possible, or just get the blood flowing.

All returned safe by HS at 6:15, no animal sightings reported, just some good bonding with some great PAX. Discussion of a new route in the future to mix it up a bit. Join us next week to find out, same AO, different direction. Purplerain at Boondocks Tuesday? Reindeer Dash 10 miler reminder for Dec 3rd. Rumor has it that the Greenville F3 ENC group will be there in force. Prayer request for Snookie’s M, and the family, and the many storm victims still recovering.

YHC gave thanks, and were on our way to face the world. I enjoyed it friends, life is good.


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