• When: 08/19/2018
  • Workout Style: boot camp
  • QIC: devlin macgregor
  • PAX: spinal tap, mahindra, wilson, crowbar, wifi (respect), holiday mansion, immigrant
  • AO: Back Blasts, Band of Brothers, Morehead City

A group of 8 strong, highly motivated individuals looking to get stronger and less fluffy before summer, gathered in the gloom to the Big Rock Landing in MHC this morning. The one minute warning was given as we fist-pumped.



15 Windmill IC

15 HillBilly IC

15 SunGod IC

a little downward dog to cap off Warmarama

The Thang:

Even though this was a Fat-Pax approved workout, we moseyed around the fountain and past Redfish Grill, and circled up.

(Band Work) Bicep Curl each side 15 SC, Tricep Press each side 15 SC, Squat 15 SC,


Fatman box jump (step up) 15 SC, Dips 15 SC

Fatman box jump (step up) 20 SC, Dips 20 SC

Fatman box jump (step up) 15 SC, Dips 15 SC

micro-mosey to fountain for Erkin 15 SC, LBC 15 IC

Tractor Pull partner work: 2 rounds each man

Repeat Band Work-round 2

Mosey around fountain and around Redfish Grill and circled up for 7 minutes of Mary

Each man led a different core exercise and we ended with the Cobra.

Announcements were given:

Immigrant will be Q for his 1 year anniversary Tuesday at the Anchor B

Mahindra shared how blessed the Eastman family felt with the free gift of a specialized van to aid in the recovery of their son.

Immigrant took us out in prayer thanking God for the opportunity we have of health and to be able to come and gather as brothers and better ourselves,. He ask for continued healing for the Eastman family and those in our community that don’t know Jesus as Lord. It was a pleasure to lead this morning!

Devlin MacGregor


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