On Thursday afternoon YHC had to make a call on what to do for the Stampede. Would it be on? Would OMAHA be called? After seeking some opinions of others, the wise advise of others being taken. Omaha was called. YHC needed another option to sharpen iron since letting the fartsack monster win was not an option. Why not do a boot camp instead. Preblast was given and alarm clock was set.

As my alarm went off, first act was to check the weather conditions, dead balls cold! Suited up in a couple of layers of clothing , off to the AO of the gloom, the Blair Farms Clubhouse. After planting the flag it was hard start. Being alone did not discourage me, I did not get up and adorn multiple layers to just go back home. If I did not sharpen my iron now it would not get accomplished today due to other work/family commitments. Mission and disclaimer mentally conveyed. It was time to heat things up.


SSH X 50 sc


feeling warmed up and not wanting to do any static stretching and let the chill back in, I was off on a light reconnaissance jog around the clubhouse to test the  sidewalk and grounds. Satisfied that my route was sufficient the thang would begin.

I had gotten the M a decagon workout ball, each side has an exercise and number of reps. I was eager to give this a try. I toss the ball in the air and it finally stops on dips X 40. Time for a lap. The second time was two exercises from the decagon and then two laps. I was able to get to five exercises and five laps before Hard Stop.


Gertrude Qing a ruck at 2pm at Sweet Beans

Hero Patriot tomorrow with Lunchbox on the Q

FOD on the Western Side

A prayer of thanks was given.

Always an honor to post.

Crabby Englishman out.

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