YHC realized that I would probably be a bit groggy this morning due to the M taking me out for my Birthday the night before, so woke up a little early to workout the cobwebs.  Our western group had put in several miles at a time and they had done a lot of merkins, but did not remember a time when we did some miles while doing a lot of merkins so my goal for the day was determined.

The PAX were rolling in and my excitement grew as Pasqually joined us for the day.  Our newer guys continue to show up and our group continues to grow so lots of reasons to be jacked when leading the guys.  Warnings were given, Mission Statement, and Disclaimer.  We were off for a Mosey, came to Hwy. 24 and Pasqually noted that we must have the one and only cross walk in all of Carteret Couny.  It is very nice.

Arrived at Lowes Parking lot and the PAX learned that our Warmarama was over.  We started off with a Merkin Suicide.  Upon completion of this PAX had started there morning workout with 120 merkins.

Mosey to far parking lot and circle up for Merkins x15

Mosey to Grocery Store Parking lot and time for a DORA, by this time the PAX were starting to get the picture about the Merkins for the day.  Mumblechatter started in between the heavy breathing.

100 merkins, 100 squats, 100 merkins, 100 plank jacks (That is a total of 235 merkins at this point)

That is right time for another MOSEY the mumblechatter picked up about this workout that consisted of the variety of Moseys and Merkins.  So I took it up a notch with some Partner-Power Merkins.  Each do 5 run to other end switch positions and each do 5, run back 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1. (Alright guys that is 265 merkins)

You guessed it time to Mosey again, crossed 24 again and stopped at the local Dentist office for you guessed it.  Merkins x15

Mosey on to the Bank and you know what lets do some more. Merkins x15.

I happen to see another parking lot out of the corner of my eye so lets Mosey over there.  While we are here lets do some Merkins x15  (So that is 310 merkins) running out of time lets head back to the flag.

The guys thought it would be a great idea if we did a few more, I agreed.  I noticed the PAX were very concerned about my form on these so made sure that these last ones were perfect posture merkins.  Busted out 15 more.  We ended with a few LBCs.

Mosey: 2.2 miles

Merkins: 335

Great job guys that is pretty awesome, to get all that in 45 minutes.

Announcements: Buttoncap on Prometheus tomorrow and Pasqually on Rolling Stone

Prayer requests: family down east that lost a member

I led us out.

Moleskin: I see so many guys that write so well, often time put things here that are so inspiring and move me to want to be a leader in all things that I am a part of.  As my birthday is here and thinking of another year I wish that I had that ability to tell you guys what F3 has meant to me, the excitement that I get from watching it have an effect on other men.  The joy I have gotten from making new friends, reconnecting with old, and all with a common goal of wanting to be better and help others at the same.  I see God moving in this group and it draws me closer to him.  I am not the most eloquent to fire guys up or inspire but I promise you guys that I will continue to do my best to push you, to encourage you, to make you accountable, and try and direct you towards Jesus.  Thanks for helping me make my Birthday special and I look forward to the Gloom everyday.

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