Nine men joined YHC for this mornings mid-section stimulation. YHC figured if Lamarr was doing upper and lower I’d work at the middle.


YHC’s watch was apparently off so at the hardish start we mosyed to our Warmarama.
25 x SSH
15 x CP
15 x Hill Billy’s
The Thang started out with a round of O.P.P. for a total of 100. First 25 were IC, then single count for 50…
On to the Bball court for Bear Crawls and Crawl Bears x 3.
Mary Started early with a mosey down the road which no one travels, unless we’re on it… We stopped at a few light poles for Crunchy Frogs, Box Cutters, LBC’s, WWI’s, Dieing Coack-a-roaches, and something else that I can’t recall x 15 single count.
The mid-workout Mary was finished off with 5 Sprints.
Mosey back towards the main parking with a quick stop for Double Merkin Burpees and Ring of Fire Squats edition.
Moesy to parking curbs for derkins, Erkins and Rocky Balboa’s.
Mary 2.0 had the PAX working on their ABC’s and we planked it out to a hard stop.
Not much was announced, check Slack.
No prayer concerns were brought before the group, but as always pray for our Brothers and Sisters, our Church’s, Leadership, and Communities.
Thanks for joining me this morning!
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