• When: 2/15/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Flipova
  • PAX: Graco, Bunion, Jigawatt, Twitty
  • AO: Beaufort, Man-O-War

5 men gathered in the parking lot just west of the Dockhouse, waited and gave 1 minute warning and with no new arrivals at 5:30 a disclaimer and mission statement were given and we were off to the cutting board.

SSH x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Sun gods x 10 IC each direction
Windmill x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 1O IC
Good morning R over L x 1 IC
Good morning L over R x 10 IC

Mosey back down the dock to the parking lot west of the Dockhouse for a bear crawl/ Merkins series. We circled up and began bear crawling to the right and when YHC said to stop we all got in a plank and performed whatever Merkin was called. 5 reps were performed by each in the group.
1. Merkins
2. Double wide Merkin
3. Diamond Merkin
4. Ranger Merkins
5. Staggered right hand up left hand back
6. Staggered left hand up and right hand back
We continued to bear crawl between exercises.

We moseyed further down the docks to the long bench and completed.
Box jumps x 10
Single leg Dips x 10 IC each leg
Step ups keeping leg on step x 10 SC each leg.
Elevated boss tweeds x 10
Single leg boss tweeds x 5 each Leg
After a good hamstring cramp we moseyed to Boss Tweeds gym for paver over head press x 20 SC
Over head press squat x 10 SC
Bicep curl IC x 10
Sumo squat bicep curl x 10 IC
Front raise x 5 SC
Front raise with right and left rotation IC x 5

Moseyed to the post office and completed tiered balls to the wall with partner 2 running each time he returned partner 1 went a little higher in the wall x 3 then switched.

We quickly moseyed back to the dockhouse where Graco had to go due to Beaufort road closures. The rest of use completed LBC x 20 IC, American hammer x 10 IC, V-sits x 10 SC, and another ab exercise that I not sure of the name x 10 Ic

YHV took us out in BOM prayer for the families in Florida and the loved ones that were lost in the tragic shooting. We need to continue daily to try to have a positive and long lasting impact on our youth in the community.

Until next time…..Beaufort Rules


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