Mosey to circle
15 IC Abe Vigodas
15 IC Cotton Pickers
3 rounds of 10 Twigs and Berries

One more Mosey into the Merkin Meltdown
21’S Which consisted of 20 Bodybuilders run to flag 1 Merkin flip flop down to 10 Bodybuilders and 11 Merkins. Had to Omaha due to time constraints.
Mosey lap back to the flag
Ring of Merkin – Pax start in plank and take turns doing 1 Merkin all the way around until you can’t do anymore then drop down into Chillcut and do Pickle Pounders until all pax drop
10 IC Pickle pounders
Mosey lap
20 IC Toe taps
20 IC LBC’s
20 IC Heels to sky
Mosey lap

Pax led Mary
Pasqually 20 IC Dying Cockroaches
Plunger X’s and O’s
Jigawatt 20 IC Boss Tweeds
Kiwi 20 Mountain Climbers

Hard Stop

Moleskin – Leading a great group of men that push hard each and everytime is the greatest reward to a QIC. This morning I believe I was trying to push the pax past their limits. With all the mumblechatter I believe limits were acquired. Being able to give a great workout is always a worry to a Q, but with the amazing Carterico pax helping out, I don’t think a Q could fail. I feel blessed that the men that post with me are always pushing themselves hard and getting the most out of their workouts. When the call for Omaha is mentioned I always tell the pax, Do not cheat yourself – you make the effort to get up early in the am to come out and workout why whiskeydick it, get the most out of it you can.

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