Four men joined YHC for a little Merkin beat down, Beaufort style.  With Bunyon sliding in just as the one minute warning was given, Mission Statement was recited and warm-a-rama began.  Some hamstring stretching along with downward dog and upward dog did the trick and off we moseyed to the new eating establishment in Beaufort, Moonrakers.  We gathered round the menu, checked out the entrees and drinks and YHC figured the PAX has ingested approx. 500 calories each by just reading the menu.  3 Burpees, please. We moseyed on down Front St., did a little more stretching then made our way back to the Bft. cutting board.  YHC called for the Merkin Challenge.   Bunyon and Liver Mush groaned.  Twitty and Graco were silent as they were virgins to this particular move.  Three minutes went on the clock and the PAX performed as many Merkins as possible, with good form in those 3 minutes.  Graco, you are a beast. We recovered with a round of LBC and LSF both I/C 30 count.

Next up we hit Boss Tweed’s Marina for some brick fun.   We did a series of curls, tricep extensions and presses. 2 rounds each of 10 I/C.  On the second round YHC got the brilliant idea of doubling up on the bricks.  Not smart.  Chest presses and curls doable, triceps extensions not so much.  Note to self: stick to one brick in the future. We closed that out with bricks in hand and arms extended in a fairly brutal round of Peoples Chair, 15 S/C.

With time running short we hoofed it to the park for one round of dips, 20 I/C.

Next up was the Burpee countdown.  Do 5 Burpees, run around the Park Service building, do 4 Burpees and run, etc.  YHC feeling winded at this point changed the second round to Merkins, run around the building then simply one Merkin as we now had to hustle back to the parking lot.  We had time for a few cool down exercises, finishing up with forearm planks, 20 count each man. Hard stop.

Announcements were the Pirate Invasion 5k this Saturday.  Too late to get a shirt since the early registration cut off was a couple of weeks ago.  Shirt orders had to placed by then.  They may have a few extras but no guarantee. Liver Mush would like to see the guys and families meet on a Sat. afternoon sometime soon on Carrot Island for some second F fellowship.  Great idea Liver. Maybe a pretty Saturday will finally come our way and we can make it happen

Prayers were asked for regarding Lassie’s brother, Wifi’s daughter and Liver Mush’s sister.

YHC took us out.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead.


Puddles out.


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