YHC arrived prepared and eager to see who would join the BFT PAX this gloomy Thursday morning.  The recent influx of FNGs, BFT fart sackers, Moreheadr’s and Newportr’s has brought new energy to our sweat-soaked seaside sanctuary.  This morning was all about the regulars, minus a couple.  A tale was told of misplaced rubber phalluses.  Conclusions were drawn.  Laughs were had.  The disclaimer and mission statement were both delivered flawlessly.  Off into the mist.

Mosey to BB&T


20 SSH IC – OCD – check

20 Cotton Pickers IC – stretch them hammies

20 Sun Gods IC – 10 bof wayz

20 Good mornings IC – really stretch them hammies

20 Imperial Walkers IC – that’s the one that….you know.  thanks Bunyon.

Moseyed to the Cutting Board.


7 Minute Circuit/35 seconds each exercise/Quality not Quantity

SSH/PPLs Chair/Merkins/WWI/Step Ups/Dips/Plank/Squats/Hi-Knees/Alt Lunges/’Dildo’ Merkins/Side Plank L&R

Pallet Cleanser: Mosey to Roundabout and back.

Round 2 REPEAT @ Cutting Board

Pallet Cleanser: Mosey around Maritime Museum

Round 3 REPEAT @ Maritime Museum – rain started, didn’t want Graco or Phelps to melt.

Moseyed to Dockhouse for brief Mary

40 LBCs IC

Good workout guys.  Kept moving, no stops, real HIIT.  Prayers, announcements and Wifi took us out with a strong prayer in the BOM.  Kudos given by all to Flipova for his heartfelt Chicken Shack BB.  Good things, man.  Real role models in this group.  Until next time gentlemen.  I’ll see if I can set up F3 Middle East.  Maybe they’ve got a Sultan Tweed…assalamulaikum.




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