• When: 12/07/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Campish
  • QIC: BossTweed
  • PAX: Pocahontas, Shroom, Duckbutter, Gertrude ( Respect), Wifi (Respect), Greco, Madoff, Dogtown, Twitty, Winnie the Pooh
  • AO: Back Blasts

QIC pulled up to the Beaufort Grand Christmas Tree…shorter cousin of the giant tree to the West in Morehead City. As I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes…who did appear but F3 men from far and wide. They must have been following the Star to Bosstweed’s…Wise Men indeed from East and West. Great showing from the West. Duck Butter, Madoff, Shroom and Pocahantus…joining their brothers from the East. As we marveled at the sight around us a siren sound game from the West and the WEST WISE men all understood that one of there own may be caught by the draw. Who, Who could that be the Easterner’s asked….well that be the Great Wise Guy…I mean Man Gertrude. Would he ever make it to the Baby Jesus Run I thought.

The meaning and purpose of F3 was given as long as the disclaimer…although not sure if anyone was listening. They were too distracted by the brick paver (representing the Baby Jesus in QIC’s mind) that was being held by Duck Butter. Surely dreaming of Christmas dreams that they were hoping to come true. We proceeded to mosey to the Maritime Museum flag pole but the irrigation system was going( Must be a State Agency…who irrigates in December..ugh) so we diverted to the Fin’s Restaurant front under the shelter. Duck Butter carrying the “Baby”!  It was beginning to rain and the WISE cracks were frequent. Out of the gloom appeared a Noble man dressed in Orange…what…not Carolina Blue…the Gert had arrived and all felt right. Even the 5 Burpees.

20 SSH

10 Cheerleaders….a big hit.

10 Each Chinooks,Sun Gods and reverse

15 Wind mills

15 Monkey Humpers

15 Hill Billies

20 Cotton Pickers.

Then it was the traditional Indian Run that was customary during Old times in the West during Christmas time. You take a new born baby and pass it back during the run. The paver had to suffice for Baby Jesus but all the Wise men  handled in gingerly and with purpose as we presented it down to the West turn and back to point of beginning. It was beautiful.

Thet pax circled up for some squats and then got prepared for the thang.

10 merkins, 10 mountain climbers, plank jacks to start increasing to 20 at the next corner, 30 at the next, back down to 20 and then 10 of each back at the point of beginning. QIC was assisted by the Pax in this endeavor.

Moseyed to the shelter of the Dock House for 20 Dips, 20 Erkins and 20 Derkins…by WIfI…way to push. Ran down the boardwalk and circled back along the lower docks. At the end did 30 LBC’s  and 20 Imperial Walkers by the beautiful Star of Beaufort.

Dogtown took us out with a great prayer. Many of the Pax headed to the CRU Bar for a little coffee and fellowship.

Great morning and it was truly and honor to lead.



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