• When: 05-27-2019
  • Workout Style: Murph
  • QIC: Big Mick and Jang
  • PAX: Cooter, Steamer, Navy, Duck, Wilson, Gilligan, Buckeye, Dash 8, Code Red, Shaft, Monkey, Flip, Rooney, Amfibious, Lassie, Shroom, Madoff, Au Jus, Lamarr, Stay Puff, Mugzy, Pasqually, Birdman, Crabby, Lemon Jello, Poca, The Drive, Richardo, Winnie, Nipple, Bayliner, Puddles, X box, Deuce
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, West Carteret High School

38 HIMs came out for Murph + today on a STEAMY morning to pay tribute to those that gave their life to defend our freedom. Specifically we highlighted Lieutenant Michael Murphy for giving his life for his brothers in heroic fashion during operation Enduring Freedom. The 0600 deterred several pax members, specifically those from off such as Tiny Dancer and Grady!

Many F3 men are familiar with the Murph workout. F3 tends to change normal workouts, many times making them more challenging. The normal Murph includes 2 miles of running, we would reach 3.7 today. Big Mick gave the Pax some insight as to the man Michael Murphy really was in the introduction. President George W. Bush presented Murphy’s Medal of Honor to his parents. The President stated in part “In his final act of bravery, he continued to engage the enemy until he was mortally wounded, gallantly giving his life for his country and for the cause of freedom. By his selfless leadership, Lieutenant Murphy reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. ”

Time to get this thing started!

Warmarama was lead today by the original OG Gilligan


Sun Gods forward and back X10

Cotton Pickers IC X 10

Stretch right, left straight and cross

Monkey Humpers

Good Mornings, of courts

The Thang “Murph”

Split into two groups

2 laps around the track for sets 1 and 4, 3 laps for sets 2 and 3 and then…

Set #1 and #4 (2 rounds), Set #2 and #3 (3 rounds)

2 groups, one group Pull-ups X10 while other group did Merkins X 20 flapjack and back together for Squats X 30

Rinse and Repeat

3.7 miles….much encouragement between the 2 groups today. Made a tough task much more fun

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 squats

Mosey back to the flag for HARD STOP

Count off, Named 2 FNGs that Big Mick pulled out of bed. Welcome Soda Shop and Gift Basket

Announcements and Prayer request

No better way to start off a Memorial Day in my opinion. Mighty lucky to be part of this bunch!



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