I had failed my duties as a site Q and forgot to remind the Q that he was up to Q, so I decided at last minute to do the appropriate thing and take on the duties myself.  I sent out the preblast and contemplated what I would do, I was looking at some old workouts and found the weinke for the original Boonedocks.  Light bulb perfect time to measure how far we had come.

I could tell just by reading it that we would destroy this workout.  The first time I remember us Omahaing several things and not even able to finish the entire work out.  PAX roll in, missions statement, disclaimer, lets go.

SSH x20 IC, Left over right, right over left.  It was time to hit the road towards the docks, there was some chatter about stretching at F3, Griswold were happy to let everyone know that all stretching is suppose to happen prior to workout time.

Stop 1: Sun Gods x10 ic reverse, Cotton Pickers x10ic, Merkins x10, Time to mosey again

Stop 2: Merkins x10, Diamonds x10, Squats x10 ic, Time to Mosey

Stop 3: Dry Docks x10, Shoulder taps x10 ic, squats x10 ic, Jail Break to end of Dock

routines of an excercise on the dock, lunge to other end of dock, Run back

Derkins x10, Prisoner Squats x10 ic

Ekrins x10, Prisoner Squats x10ic

Dips x10, Prisoner Squats x10ic

At this point we were about 10 minutes ahead of our schedule compared to the first time so I added some stuff in.

Dips x10ic, Erkins x10, Derkins x10 (Rinse and Repeat) time to Mosey Back

Stop 1: LBCs x20ic, Box cutters x10ic

Stop 2: Freddie Mercuries x10ic, Hello Dollies x10ic

Stop 3: LBCs x20ic, Low Slow Flutter x10ic

Got back to Flags and still had some time so we continued:

Merkins x20, Others called out some Mary excersises, and ended on Diamond Merkins x15

The run to the docks is .65 miles so that is 1.3 miles total.

We completed this workout about 15 minutes faster than our first time. That allowed for an additional 20 of Dips, Erkins, Derkins, Merkins, and 15 diamond Squats and numerous other Mary excercises. I believe everyone still had a lot left also.  Continue to grow guys and continue to push each other.  Thanks for allowing me to lead today and look forward to many more.

Announcements, Prayers.

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