• When: 09/16/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Ricardo
  • PAX: Denver, Dizzy (2.0), Kiwi, Ricardo (YHC)
  • AO: Back Blasts

A rare occasion for me this morning… I was the first one there. Of course, I had momentary dreams of returning to my bed for a few extra winks, but then I remembered Denver had HC-ed with his 2.0 Dizzy. And I assumed Kiwi would be there as he is about the most faithful Knarr-er there is now! (Missing you Blart, but we know where you are. Prayers, my friend!) So excited, I finally get to tell a student to drop and give me 20!!! 😂😂😂

Mosey to the intersection with the road never used…
Side Straddle Hops IC X 20
Sun Gods IC X 10 – forward and backward
Cotten Pickers IC X 10
Abe Vigodas IC X 10
Imperial Walkers IC X 10
Stretch – Left Over Right, Right Over Left – 10 Count each

The Thang:
I told the PAX there was a theme but I wasn’t going to tell them what it was yet.
Rack and Stack (without unpacking)
“Drop and give me 20” Merkins! The rest of The Thang was 10 reps each, some single count, some in cadence.
Copperhead Squats
Mountain Climbers
Star Jacks

Boss Tweeds
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Newton’s Cradle
Diamond Merkins

No one noticed my theme. We discussed the diminishing brain cells as a workout progresses. Since Dizzy is in my band, we spelled MCMS Band!

Knowing this probably wouldn’t quite fill the time, I was prepared to add some elevens at the basketball courts. Bear Crawl one way and sprint on the return.
10 Squats on one side – 1 LBCs IC on the other side
9 Squats – 2 LBCs
Made it to 3 & 8 and I was worried about the hard stop. Moseyed back to the flag with enough time to finish 11s without a bear crawl in between.

Kiwi – Dying Cock Roaches

Hard Stop – 0615

Circle of Trust:
Check Slack

Prayer – Led by Kiwi, of course!

It was a pleasure to lead, gentlemen.

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