• When: 10/09/17
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Button Cap
  • PAX: Laettner, Maytag, Mcregor, Lunchbox, Pigeon, Paisley (fur 2.0)
  • AO: Green Mile


oyo pre workout

YHC arrived and noticed a JEEP in the parking lot, expecting to see Griswold, Q was surprised the JEEP was empty.  Grisworld didn’t show and was apparently unable to beat the fartsack this morning. in Rolled Laettner with his fur 2.0. Followed by lunchbox with Mcregor and Pigeon in tow. Maytag came in Hot but on time.

YHC gave the mission statement but before he could finish “male community leadership….” Maytag zoomed into the gloom, not to be seen again until the end.

The Thang 

We ran. Pigeon and Mcregor were almost tackled by a herd of deer but kept their young legs moving, always consistent. Lunchbox continues to make impressive improvements. Laettner is a light of leadership and a true example to follow. Maytag has found his stride and even though he was hesitant to site Q The Green Mile, I think now he almost needs it every week. I still hate running but enjoy listening to gangsta rap on my over sized headphones and clearing my head of everything except trying to make the next light pole.

Mary – never heard of her

name-o-rama, prayer requests and Laettner led us out with a great prayer as always. Enjoyed it men. Snookie where you at?? Come Run with us!!

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